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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review-

marketing-tools-product-review-archie-coSocial Media has become the backbone of marketing, allowing business owners to reach far more people than conventional methods. According to Business2Community, 90% of young adults actively use one or more than one social media sites. It immensely increments the pool of targeting people and reaching more audience than has been possible with traditional methods.

Efficient marketing is a huge advantage for business; this is how you increase your customer pool and let more people know about the services that you provide. Multiple social media channels can quickly become your business showcase from where clients can learn about your customer reviews, products, services, and feedbacks.

Managing social media exposure on the sidelines of running a business becomes complicated as simultaneous updates are required across every channel. Marketing tool makes it straightforward and efficient to handle marketing needs along with running the business.

Editions and Pricing

The tool allows interacts on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud. It has a three-day free trial and has three paid pricing options from which a user must choose to keep using the features of the tool. The pricing plans are:

Name Price Features
Professional $27/mo
  • 10 tags per service
  • Medium speed of interaction
  • Blacklist feature
Business $39/mo
  • Unlimited tickets per service
  • High speed of interaction
  • Blacklist feature
  • Allows complex keywords
  • Allows located keywords for Twitter and Instagram
  • Explicit content filter available
Premium $59/mo
  • Unlimited tickets per service
  • Full speed of interaction
  • Blacklist feature
  • Allows complex keywords
  • Allows designated keywords for Twitter and Instagram
  • Clear content filter available
  • Negative keywords feature
  • Super targeting available.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

archi.co_setupAccount Setup tool asks you to set up your accounts with so that it may set up the integration and show you details about the same.




An effective and straightforward dashboard is a sign of a fantastic tool. The panel of this tool is amazingly simple with all the details present in one glance. It provides access to all the features of the tool along with instant notifications.



This feature lets you monitor your social presence on Twitter. You can add tags, view your conversions, blocked users, etc.




Instagram has recently gained quick popularity as a social media solely based on infographics. Infographics are an excellent way to attract a potential client’s attention, and this feature lets you maintain your business’s image on Instagram.



This feature allows you to maintain your presence and interact with people on Soundcloud. It is a great way targeting customers based on a particular taste.



This feature is not a core one of the It directs you to the web page of a tool called and by signing up for which you can showcase your business on Pinterest as well.



This too is not a natural feature of and takes a user to try out the Link thick tool for managing LinkedIn profile and presence.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not have dedicated IOS or Android apps but can be easily accessed via mobile browsing.


The tool lets you actively integrate with Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud to manage your business’s social media presence.


The tool provides support readily via email, and the representatives can also be contacted via Twitter and Instagram outlook of Archie. The tool has FAQs and a blog as well to entertain user’s needs.

Pros and Cons of Archi.Co


  • One of a kind marketing tool which lets you monitor your presence on Instagram and Soundcloud as well.
  • It has links to great tools like and Link deep for Pinterest and LinkedIn profiles.


  • No dedicated mobile apps.
  • Limited functionality as compared to other social media marketing tools.
  • Does not let you manage Google+ and Facebook.


The differentiating factor of this tool is the feature of maintaining updates on Instagram as well as Soundcloud. There are only a few tools which let you manage profiles on these platforms due to the diversity in functionality.

For more details, please visit website.

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