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Sunday , March 3 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Automate Ads

marketing-tools-product-review-automateadsAutomate Ads is a fully automated ad campaign manager. It is a cross-platform software that aims at automating, optimizing and unifying your digital advertising campaigns. It uses technology and data science to eliminate the need for daily campaign management manually. All your daily tasks like A/B testing, ad rotation, bid optimization, performance monitoring, pausing poor performing ads and reporting can be automated using this tool.

You can use this tool to track user events, automate ad operations and attribute conversions. It has a beautiful dashboard where you can connect all of the ad accounts you have. From here you can customize all of your automation tasks.

Editions and Pricing

It offers six pricing plans based on the amount of monthly ad spend. For $2K monthly ad spend, you will get the service at $19 per month and will be able to track 25,000 data points/ month. For following 50,000 data points/ month, you can go for the $49 plan. If you want to follow 250,000 data points, you can get it at $99 per month. The $149 plan will allow you to track 500,000 data points/ month. The $249 plan will allow you to track 2,000,000 data points while the $499 plan will be tracking 4,000,000 data points. The tool is available for a 14-day free trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

AutomateAds_BudgetManagementBudget Management
For each of the segmented targeting profiles, the automation system starts with an equal budget. The daily budget will be relocated from the poor performing segments to the top performing targeting profiles by both volume and cost conversions by the automation system as it tests and learns.



AutomateAds_ABTestingCreative A/B Testing
You can upload any amount of different creative variations as you like. All of them will be A/B test by the automation system, and the winning combination will be automatically discovered.



AutomateAds_AdRotationAd Rotation
The combinations that won will be put into a creative rotation from where it will be switched out every day or a multiple number of times in a day by your settings to avoid ad rot.



AutomateAds_BidOptimizationBid Optimization
Its neural network manages and optimizes your bids by real-time pricing data via performance data from your ads account, Facebook Ads API, and more than 300million old ad spent data.



AutomateAds_ReportingReporting and Insights
To understand ROI, you need the numbers behind you campaign performance. The reporting and analytics feature will help you understand the real value and performance of campaigns.



Pros and Cons of Automate Ads


  • With the beautiful and intuitive dashboard, all your paid media campaigns are kept in one place.
  • Android, iOS. iPad and Apple apps are also available.
  • Based on performance data, Automate Ads makes optimized decisions, so you don’t need to do any extra work.


  • You cannot sign in for the free trial without giving your credit card info.


The most impressive features are the ability to A/B test creative combinations, 24/7 monitoring of campaign performance, optimize bids and automatic pause of poor performing ads. The automated campaigns manage themselves, so you need to spend less time managing them manually.

For more details, please visit Automate Ads Website.

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