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Friday , May 24 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- WorkPuls

Technology-Tools-product-review-workpulsWorkPuls, a platform for enhancing the productivity of the company and making steps towards maintaining it. The tool for those workplaces where the desks have been occupied by the computer, that is, for all the workplaces in the world. WorkPuls is a master tool in tracking down the activities of people under your office those work in front of a computer screen.

It enables the user to have information about what and where the employees are spending their time on a computer system during office hours. The app will let the user know the ratio of contribution of an individual in productive hours and unproductive hours. Discrimination between a useful and a not so useful asset can be carried out through the app, making it valuable for the company to enhance productivity and performance.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing Features
Free $0 10 days trial with – All features
Monthly $5.97/employee All features for one month
Annual $71.64/employee All features for Additional free four months
Custom Up to 30% off for More than 50 employees Special discount

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

workpuls_responsive_dashboardResponsive Dashboard
The dashboard comes up with a simple interface which is very easy and effortless to work with. From reports to settings can be managed from here correctly. Understanding the tool is much more accessible through the central robust dashboard containing all essential features.



workpuls_automatic_time_trackingAutomatic Time Tracking
The tool plays live; it extracts the results for everyone in the network along with the associated time of the activity. The user will be able to view the doings of an employee in accordance with the time. The time duration spent on every particular site will be available with this period module.


workpuls_live_previewLive Preview
A live preview will let the user receive fast and live report card in no time. The tracking is live, leaving the user with the dynamic changes evolved.



workpuls_accurate_dataAccurate Data
Whatever data relevant to the user is shown, is carried out with strong analytics functionality in the background to get current data with precision. The figures and facts so generated are nothing but true.



WorkPuls shows the timeline where time is tracked from starting of the day to its end. Every activity on the system is mentioned to have a 360-degree watch over them. The Timeline provides a full sketch outline as well as the time devoted to productivity and unproductivity contributed by every employee.


workpuls_reports_by_person_or_by_groupReports by person or by group
The reports generated during any hour or day or week is allowed to download by the user for full proof and can be made static, also can be compared with previous ones to know the productivity scale and scope.


Mobile Accessibility

In mobile phones, the app can be accessed via mobile based browser.


WorkPuls does not support integration with any other app.


A Video is present over the site to understand the operations and usages of the app. Also, online support and phone support exist to solve customers’ issues.

Pros and Cons of WorkPuls


  • Formation of available reports and their download.
  • Attendance analysis, to track an employee’s attending hours throughout a week or a month.
  • Easy to follow each employee and department.


  • Not available for Linux Operating System
  • Time-based Analysis reports are not there.

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WorkPuls is a tool which not only tracks the work culture, work life but also provides essential analytics to manage them and which in turn helps a user to plan futuristic strategies with the employees using them as assets. These assets can be extracted using WorkPuls.

For more details, please visit WorkPuls website.

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