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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Best BI software Product Review- Heap Analytics

bi-tools-product-review-heapanalyticsIf you run a business website, you need an analytics tool. Analytics give you an overview of the performance of the site, while a useful analytics give detailed reports of user interaction with the website. For example, the web page which kept the user engaged and the buttons where the users clicked during the session.

Heap is one of the best business intelligence software is also a web-based analytics tool that helps you to analyze website activities and capture data of visitors. The tool lets you create events and represent the tracking in a graphical format. The best thing about the tool is that it automates the task of creating funnels and minimize the bounce rate.

Editions and Pricing

Heap Analytics offers two editions- Free Edition and Custom edition. The Free version includes all the analysis feature and limited to 5,000 sessions per month, and is best suitable for growing teams. The Custom Edition offers millions of sessions per month with on-site support and Heap SQL. For the cost of a custom edition, you can contact vendors.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_heap_analytics_data_capturingData Capturing
The tool collects data on user interaction, such as clicks, gestures, page views, and form submissions. It helps you to identify users and use their email address and other measurable things.




The tool enables you to create events on your website to analyze user interaction and to retain visitors to the site. The best thing is that extra tracking code is not required for the events.


The tool lets you segment users as per their activities and engagements. You can see streamlines for every user with details. It allows you to use filters and save the data as a report.



With graphs, you can get insights about how your website is doing for your business. The charts visualize current trends in an appealing color-coded way.



The tool facilitates funnels to analyze where your website lacked to retain the visitors. You can create funnels to reduce bounce rate and get insights by comparing conversion rates between user segments.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available as a mobile app for iOS devices.


Currently, the tool does not integrate with other tools.


The tool provides Email support for Free edition users, while Custom version is featured with on-site support.

Pros and Cons of Heap Analytics


  • Interactive user interface.
  • It helps to reduce bounce rate and increase retention.
  • Color-coded graphs.


  • The tool does not provide rich features that Google Analytics boasts.

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Heap analytics differentiates from other analytics tools by the filter, segment, and funnels features. The tool caters to startups and growing teams. You can run a query using filters, section, or SQL. The standout features include color coded graphs, data capturing and integrating per users, and event visualizer. The tool not only functions as an analytics tool but also provides reports like a marketing automation tool. The Free edition is the best for the startups who need to analyze their online business.

For more details, Please visit Heap Analytics website.

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