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Friday , April 12 2024

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How Quick Call is making Business for SMEs

How-Quick-Call-is-making-business-for-SMEsQuick Call is a business outsourcing firm in Delhi founded by Neeraj Tyagi. He is a postgraduate from the University of Delhi in International Business in April 2014. The team provides their services to start-ups, SMBs, & corporates.

The company works on Business research, meeting scheduling, lead generation, making calls and many other relevant activities. They also help online portals to accumulate customers and sellers, enterprises in recruiting staff and training, a complete outsource platform.



Quick Functioning

Neeraj has around six years of experience in enterprise sales in IT Outsourcing sector, & has worked with several telecom giants including Tata Group and Sify Technologies.

They work for many startups along with biggest exhibition organizers of India. Quick Call has acquired more than 30 paying clients for the company. Till now they have made approximately 3 lakh calls & have mined nearly 2 Lakh data points in last ten months. With the flexible work environment, Quick Call can deal with its customers, providing the services varying from 1 hour to a yearlong contract of the project.

They solve the problem of a workforce in a company and save an enormous amount of money of the enterprises. Their Transparent systems to monitor the progress is present to track overall growth or productivity. Because of its quick and dynamic services, Quick Call Team can be employable for two days work or for extended multiple years.

Quick Call has full-time resources which make it a preferred helpdesk. They have various functionalities which make them quick, efficient and affordable such as 24*7 customer care desk with customized IVR and CRM for the customers, with Quick Call telephonic campaigns the user can send invites and SMS to visitors, exhibitors & sponsors. Quick Call provides the relevant databases to the user for his searches, including useful companies and individuals in the record. Quick Call work by Telephonic counseling to eligible candidates in big Institutes to outsourcing deployment for various businesses with their unique solutions to every client. Also, it organizes event sales with trained teams to execute the market activities properly.

Market Fight

Their customers’ list includes TTF, OTM & Travel Digest brand owner Fairfest Media Limited, Indian Exhibition Industry Association, Shyam Telecom, Municipalika, Xpress Runner, JIMS Group, My refers, Zillion Dreams, AHA Taxis, Muzikali, Easethebiz and much more.

According to CEO of Aha Taxis, Amit Grover, “Quick Call has been a great help in bringing more drivers and taxis to our network. We use them for database research and outbound campaigns. Being a startup, we cannot hire everyone whom we need. The best alternative is Quick Call”.

The actual competition for Quick Call is not from big established BPOs but the small scale business providers. Their fast and flexible outsourcing tools are interrupting BPO services in a wide range. BPOs operate their services to big corporate and does not serve small medium businesses. And there is the entry of Quick Call which provides with every essential to advance required tool for SMEs. It grants them the choices to decide the workforce, budget, and duration of the project.

The Bottom Line

The company grants solutions for a non-technical skillset that are customer support, lead generation, meeting scheduling, inside sales, tele-counselling, chat support, data mining, etc. but they are now planning to start technical assistance as well on customer projects in web development, software testing, online marketing and all other stuff.

At present Quick Call is making monthly revenue of over INR. 3.5 Lakhs and growing at a rate of 25-30% month on month. It is anticipated to jump annual income of 8 million INR in the financial year 2015-16. They have not been funded yet but featuring their advance status to get funding for next stage’s smooth execution.

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