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Sunday , July 14 2024

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3 Link Building Lessons For Beginners

3-Link-Building-Lessons-For-BeginnersLink building is a critical phase for establishing a demanding business in the present market scenario. Full ranges of tools help in link building to your website, increasing its position in Google rankings.

However, the large pool of widgets does not always ensure the favorable link building situations for a site. It is advisable to have a comprehensive approach regarding the selection of an SEO method for small and medium businesses. Below are the lessons for beginners about Link Building:


Lesson 1: White Hat SEO

White Hat is a pure and impressive method in SEO techniques. With this, one can place a website in a good position. It is an excellent and accurate way to lift your site in the search results upwards. Although this is not at all easy to do so, you can implement Skyscraper approach for getting better and favorable results.

Skyscraper Approach
As the name suggests itself, what you need to do is to build your site a skyscraper. For implementing it, aim for the companies those are falling at the top of the results. Explore their pages, understand their content and target to produce a better engaging product than that. The inclusion of the latest stuff and updates to the existing skyscrapers will guide you to know what the readers like to read. Create a content that will be the new version of already present ones with similar views, but with a new voice of delivery.

Another great tactic would be to get support from influencers. There are experts, contributors that can help you out with the making of a quality content for your page. The ultimate advantage in their hand is, they can share or expand the reach of your final product within their community, which will eventually support you to get high rankings. This way will bring profits and branding for your page. White Hat is the only reliable and valid way to top your site’s place in Google searching.

Lesson 2: Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO approach lies between White and Black SEO techniques, having own set of rules. Gray Hat’s private blog network (PBN) is a useful SEO strategy that includes a network of blogs. The owner of this system is a single person. The network has many links that navigate a user to revenue-generating sites. You can become the owner and can handle the branding of your system, taking the audience to your business. You can play safely in this way. It is relative and effective for some people, while others consider it as not a result-oriented method to incorporate. Thus, implementing the approach on your risk is something that is advisable.

Lesson 3: Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is an almost disapproved strategy to follow. Some of the tactics involved are keyword stuffing, invisible text insertion, and unrelated keywords. Although it improves the rank of a site in search engine’s result page, these harmful practices can make the site eliminated by Google and affiliate sites. Hence, better to avoid Black Hat SEO with below points:

Avoid- Exact Matching Anchor Text
Do not try to use anchor text matching to your website page that often lands on the same page. Google does not consider it and is authorized to eliminate everything along your site from its system in doing so.

Avoid- Link Buying
Link buying is a sure shot way to raise the Google ranking of your website. However, this will need a lot of money as it’s an expensive process and involves automatic content generation. The important thing is that the customers will not engage in such robotic communication, instead better to focus on human interaction regarding content, which is engaging and capable of trusting so one can rely upon.

The Bottom Line

The straightforward and straight way is more favorable for long-term business goals, as the unnatural and risky content can take to harsh penalties. Creation of natural, exceptional content is the key to building links for your product. Build the right skyscraper for the business and stick to the legal approaches for good Google rankings.

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