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Friday , May 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Cache

Marketing-Tools Product-review-CacheCache is an online tool to store your every content of any format. Just a one click away, and you will be keeping all your interesting stuff under a single interface. The best and smartest way to store things is using the Cache browser extension. With this, you will be able to mark your storage with a single click; be it an image, a page or a video. Cache helps you to collect your favorable stuff at one place making it available and useful anytime.

Editions and Pricing

It is an entirely free tool for the users.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Make your collection of data you need to store and give it an appropriate name. You can provide tags in any number connected to that content. Save data from any site or via integrated channel to any collection you wish to. Create group simply by providing them a name, description, and an icon, and you will get to see all your valuable content around the web at one place.

Cache_Filter_and_searchFilter and Search
The tool comes with wide variety of filter options to manage your important stuff in an organized way. Filters are of great use in Cache app including color code, images, video, bookmarked and more. For searching, use keywords and tags in the interface for getting most relevant results in front of you from your collections.

You can have a private collection or set your account to free mode to make your group visible to everyone. You can share your collections through email, Facebook or Twitter under Privacy settings.


Mobile Accessibility

Cache does not offer mobile accessibility to the users.


Cache has broad options for integration that includes Instagram, Imgur, Giphy, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Soundcloud, Tweeter, and Spotify.


To get the support from the Cache team, send them an email regarding the query or feedback.

Pros and Cons of Cache


  • Tags availability for quick retrieval.
  • Color filter usage.
  • Can edit information related to a file, anytime.


  • A user cannot invite other people if there are no invites present.
  • Cannot add media right from the interface.
  • Unable to delete directly.


Cache is a straightforward and beautiful frame that allows the user to save various data in a faster way. Open your collection and access them anytime through ‘Cache’ storage; just a click and you will find yourself landing to the link.

For more details, please visit Cache website.

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