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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Best marketing and sales Tools Product Review- Wipply

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-WipplyAn active customer service is needed for the seamless running of business. Though various ways and strategies are used to provide a content experience to the users, still lacking in proper communication with them is common. With wipply, you will not be able to face these situations. How?

Wipply which is one of the best marketing tool is a widget for your site that allows you to connect with your real users via the phone call from the website itself. Eliminating common hurdles associated with phone call-based interactions and taking the customers through series of questions; the app lets you answer your client in real time. The best part is it provides you real-time information about your visitor like page view, referrals, logged-in details and more, so you can help them out better.

Editions and Pricing

Lite £9.99/seat/month No Recording One day data retention
Standard £19.99/seat/month Recording available Data storage for 30 days
Premium £29.99/seat/month Recording available Data storage for 90 days

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Wipply_Easy_Button_IntegrationEasy Button Integration
You can add the functionality of the app by simply placing the wipply button widget on your site’s pages you wish to track. To conduct multivariate tests you can use the customizable feature to add any metrics like sales channel or log name. Call recording option is also available if you wish to do so.

The metrics consisting of call list will tell you details that include user’s name, call duration, call status and the other primary columns.

You can either make a call from the app’s interface or add call button to your site.

Wipply_User_ManagementUser Management
Expand your team, add users, and decide who can perform what actions. Add users manually and assign them privileges accordingly that include positions of Admin, supervisor, or agent. You can edit them anytime.


Wipply_Customer_InformationCustomer Information
Wipply allows the one who receives a client’s call with all the information regarding a client, which contains the referrals, pages they saw, browser, call summary and much more.


Mobile Accessibility

The app is not accessible from mobile devices.


Wipply does not offer integration with any other app.


The support system of wipply includes email support and phone support.

Pros and Cons of Wipply


  • Free of charge voice calls.
  • Built-in-chat functionality.
  • It stores chat history of each user.
  • All transmitted data is secured.


  • Only dedicated to call-interaction, no additional methods are present.
  • Lacks in user engagement analysis.

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No mess and no delay in client communication. Wipply tool is there for every user to get instant support from the website itself.

For more details, please visit Wipply website.

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