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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Dibz

Marketing tools-product-review-dibzSEO Professional know how difficult the link building is. It is hard and also necessary to link prospects to your site. The more high-quality websites that link to you, the more likely you are to rank well in search results.

Dibz is a tool made to shorten the time required for preparing prospects for outreach to build links. A project started by Four Dots, an international SEO, and inbound marketing consulting company improves link prospecting outcomes. The tool researches the web for link building prospects in smart way acquiring smart features, saving time. A very helpful and fast tool for SEO professionals or SEO agencies.

Editions and Pricing

Trial Starter Pro Enterprise
$0 $69/month $169/month $369/month
20 results 50 results 70 results 100 results
1 user 1 user Upto 5 user Upto 25 users

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Dibz_Research_and_filtering_functionalityResearch and Filtering Functionality
The tool provides the users many options to search the required web pages with various options like keywords for filtration. The clear result is what the tool is known for which comes in tabular form. Also, a user can see the seeking results in sorting order.



Dibz_social_statisticsSocial Statistics
Dibz gives the information about the favorite social sites associated with the web pages. Thus, showing the followings and trust scale of the brand.




Dibz_customer_spam_metricsCustom SPAM Metric
Web pages are presented with the Spam factor they contain. For better pages, it should be low. However, the user is capable of unlocking SPAM value and updating it. This helps in fetching best results removing irrelevant ones.



Dibz_intuitive_data_managementIntuitive Data Management
Researchers give huge data collection, but Dibz is the expert in managing it well. The tool comes with the options to set page’s view managing users’ data finely by downloading relevant results for further use.




Dibz_powerful_research_typeCompelling Research Types
The tool is having the great collection of varying research types. The user can select anyone appropriate to his use. If not satisfied with the static data, it can be modified deciding user’s need.




Dibz_Convenient_Prospect_Contact_RetrievalConvenient Prospect Contact Retrieval
Dibz let the user to connect easily with the prospect as it comes up with the contact emails of prospects. This information is generated by using various web APIs and in- house- algorithm.




Dibz_we_speak_your_languageWe Speak Your Language!
Dibz is made for everyone from any anywhere. The tool consists of almost all languages. A user can get results in the word he wants his data to be in.



Mobile Accessibility

No mobile app is available yet for Dibz, but it is accessible via the browser in mobiles.


The only app it has integration with is PitchBox.


No option for helping the user is present in the app.

Pros and Cons of Dibz


  • List of generated prospects can be downloaded and can be simply uploaded into your CRM system.
  • Prospects are allowed to email client for further communication.
  • Research can be done globally or selecting a particular region.


  • No support is provided.
  • Mainly usable for SEO Professionals.


Dibz is a tool which has compatibility with other link building tools so fluently to get results in no time. The precise and quick results made it a great player for finding link prospects.

For more details, please visit Dibz website.

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