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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Drip Campaigns

the-dos-and-donts-of-drip-campaignsDrip Marketing is all about marketing and communication strategy that is adopted by many firms to provide a customer, or maybe a prospective client predetermined information over a period if time. The messages or emails are sent over a predefined course of time and can be modified according to actions or needs.

The most interesting thing about drip marketing is, it is of various types and can serve all kinds of marketing purposes, and this makes it one of the most flexible and adaptable marketing strategies ever. Here are some of the do’s and don’t that should be kept in mind while using this strategy.

The Mind Drips

This campaigns not only sends emails to the inboxes of the recipients but into the spirit of the people. They help in spreading brand awareness and consumer knowledge of your product and therefore prove itself to be the best marketing strategy. The Do’s and Don’ts are:


  • Repetitive coverage of brand.
  • Highlighting the plans.
  • Highlight accomplishments.
  • Come across as relatable and relevant.


  • Educate on using the product.
  • Add too many call to actions
  • Highlight industry trends that don’t prominently feature your brand.

 Education Drips

The education drips, as the name suggests, educate or teach people something beneficial about the product or service brand offers. The Do’s and Don’ts can be:


  • Use to the point content
  • Use fact heavily based content
  • Include clear call to actions after the facts
  • Include links to your business website for more information.


  • Include irrelevant pictures or links
  • Compare your business service or product to others
  • Include statistics or conclusion from the competition.

Training Drips

Training drips are the emails that a firm send to its customers training them about the product or services. They are commonly seen during the onboarding process. They are mostly adopted by companies or businesses that update their goods and services on a regular basis. The Do’s and Don’ts are:


  • Use simple and easy to read format.
  • Review and preview future emails.
  • Include links to upgrade tutorials and help files.
  • Include contact details to provide more information.


  • Use overly complicated tutorials.
  • Have creative subject lines that can cause confusions.
  • Include heavy use of call to actions.

Promotional Drips

Promotional Drips are the kind of drips most of the marketers feel comfortable with. The do’s and don’ts for them are:


  • It is best to send each email at a predictable time and evenly spaced until the end of the promotion.
  • Include links to the promotional landing pages ensuring it all works well.
  • Include links to your business website as well as relevant subscription links to other mailing lists.
  • Count down the promotional offer email to email.


  • Keep sharing a new promotion soon after the original one ends- this can cause frustration among your clients.
  • Keep sharing promotional emails even after the end date.
  • Conduct campaign with unresponsive addresses, this can make them unsubscribe you.

Sales Drips

These drips can do business with the clients. The sales drips can act handy to the people who did not do business with you but are interested towards it. The primary motive of sales drips is to do business by highlighting your best and most favorite products.


  • Showcase and highlight your most successful products.
  • Incorporate multiple calls to actions and landing pages links designed to convert visitors into customers.
  • Highlight the power points and benefits of your product or service.


  • Try to create a conversation or relationship, this task for after the sales activity.
  • Conduct these campaign to subscribers that have been already converted into customers, and they already know what they signed up for.

The Bottom Line

Drip emails are successful because they are persistent enough to be noticed and bring about brand awareness through compelling and informative emails.

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