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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Elink

Marketing-Tools Product-review-elinkThese days the things that you can’t control while hovering over the web or social media are clicking the links to see if the content is a perfect match you are looking for.

Whether it be the links you click to like and share or to see an appealing content, you click them sometimes on the web. To make the content more attractive or useful, marketers need the help of some tools.

Elink is a web-based tool used for turning the links into visual content and for curating content. It lets you create content using your links to text, images or videos in a faster and easier way.

The tool is available for several purposes in various aspects such as education, business, social media and personal use. It has plenty of features to help you with the content that saves time and produces desired content to publish.

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Editions and Pricing

Elink is available in two versions- Free and Pro. The Free version is available to start with unlimited links, while the Pro edition costs $10 per month and makes the tool Ad free. For enterprise solutions, you will need to contact vendors.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool facilitates an interactive panel which lets you take a quick view of the links created.

You can use analytics right from the dash to see total views and clicks. It allows you to edit and share the links anytime.

The tool makes it easy to use the ties with a variety of layouts available. You can select one plan and then paste your links which you want to turn into visual.


With header facility, you can opt for the background image. It allows you to upload pictures and to type the title and description in.



The best thing about the tool is that you can personalize the links by adding the tagline, profile picture, and social link. The facility lets you choose whether you want to customize a link or not.



The release service allows you to know what necessary actions need to be taken on your content such as link title and save links. The best thing is that you can anytime preview the content.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is optimized for mobile view and accessible through mobile browsing.


The tool integrates with Buffer, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media sites.


Support is the substantial part of the tool. It provides support via online live chat and email. You can get help from the support center by searching or browsing a topic of your interest.

Pros and Cons of elink


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cost effective for startups and small businesses.
  • All-in-one interactive dashboard.


  • Navigation seems slow.
  • There are limited layouts in the collection.


Elink is an awesome tool for creating visual content. The tool differentiates itself from other tools by many factors such as great usability, tight integrations, and ease of use. The tool can be used in business for educating the client, training new employees and company info and updates. You can use the visual content for marketing over social media. The tool is designed for multipurpose to all sized businesses. Also, it is pretty affordable.

For more details, please visit Elink website.

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