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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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The Biggest Content Marketing Trends in 2017

The-Biggest-Content-Marketing-Trends-in-2017Content Marketing has become one of the major players to promote business online.  With almost everyone gone online having a social media profile. It has become important to pull in customers, convert visitors into customers and promote business through these social channels.

Here some of the biggest concerns enterprise marketers are dealing with.

Development of a Real Strategy

It is important for organizations to have a real and documented content marketing strategy. Research says that group which has an extended content marketing strategy- they follow it and also, they review it always, succeed more. The strategy sometimes we follow only talks about our product instead of truly driving value outside the product or services our organization offers.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has grown to become one of the big things in content marketing. Many organizations are using this strategy but are still unable to win this way. It is important to create a proper and efficient strategy and execute that to work it out successful for the organization.

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Purpose Driven Marketing

Instead of just creating content for the purpose of content marketing, the content should have a real impact on the audience. Purpose Driven Marketing is all about a proper strategy that should be followed to make the maximum impact on the public.

Video and Visual

Videos and Visuals are some of the most efficient ways when it comes to business marketing. A short video can be a perfect way to deliver the message about the product and services your business wish to offer.


Snapchat have grabbed a lot of attention recently. It also has raced ahead of Facebook videos in total views. This has become another attraction for the business nowadays to promote their brand.


Facebook is another big platform for people to meet and people to come across business names. The brand promotion has become one of the primary concerns for companies across this social channel. As everyone today has a presence on this social site, it is important to have a great brand promotion here.

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Mobile is another platform that business are reaching to grab an audience. Marketers are developing content that can be easily digested over this device and reach maximum people all over.


Writing still is important. Many business marketers are bad at it. Although marketers are obsessed with visuals and videos. Still, a good thought that grabs attention and pulls in customers is important.


Emails have been one of the primary and oldest methods of marketing. It is, therefore, important to develop a proper email marketing strategy so that your emails doesn’t go into the spam folder of your business prospects.

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