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Friday , April 12 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Kuku.IO

Marketing tools-product-review-kuku.ioThis era has been marked with the rise of social media channels and it is needless to say that this has opened a lot of pathways for businesses to promote their services. According to statistics mentioned by Business 2 Community, 90% of young people are active on social media and a large portion of them turn towards social media while seeking business solutions.

Kuku.IO is one such tool that provides features to manage these tasks efficiently and with minimum inputs. Having integrations with many social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, vkontakte and many more, it has become a popular choice for a social media management tool.

Editions and Pricing

Kuku.IO provides two plans for users:-

  • Basic: This is a gratis plan which allows user to post on multiple social media platforms, 5 spots for social media accounts and allows a frequency of 300 posts per month.
  • Essential: This plan allows a 15 day trial period after which it asks the user to pay $9.99 and offers features such as smart social media analytics, unlimited number of connected accounts and an unlimited number of posts.

Capabilities and supporting set of features

sign upSign Up
Kuku.IO has easy sign-up process and also allows users to sign up using any of the social media accounts as well. Confirm your email address and setup password. You are good to go.




linking accountsLinking Social Accounts
The next step is to link your social media accounts to Kuku.IO. It facilitates integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,,, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and Reddit. Linking up is really easy, all you need to do is provide your set of credentials for each of these accounts, and your social media management tool is all set up.


scheduling and postingScheduling and Posting
The biggest hurdle in managing multiple social media profiles is keeping your followers updated. Posting and Scheduling becomes real easy; you can publish content directly by using ‘Publish’ option or schedule it to be posted later.




IO provides detailed information for quick updates and suggestive analytics. It lets you monitor your progress through visual aids and provides a clear picture of your engagement. Features like quantity of posts, posting time, top posts, and engagement by social networks, etc. can also be directly monitored here.



Posts Left
This option lets you view the number of posts that you can manage with Kuku.IO. It helps in keeping tabs on your engagement frequency and your overall activeness on social media.

Kuku.IO doesn’t stop after providing the options to post and view progress; it also helps in checking the status of the posts. Users can also view the posts that have been published, are scheduled to publish and posts that have faced errors.



It also provides an amazing feature to manage channels by selecting profiles for channel and posting schedule. Having a channel of your business increases the conversion rate for your business, and not many tools offer the functionality to manage channels.


Pros and Cons of Kuku.IO


  • Feature to manage channel related to your business with the option to select platform and scheduling.
  • The system also provides referral bonuses in the form of coupons and benefits from inviting friends.
  • A lot of social media integration, even those that other such management tools do not have.


  • No mobile app support.


Kuku.IO clearly differentiates itself by the number of integrations it provides. It makes managing channels easy and that too at a very low cost. The tool is apt for small and medium businesses and provides a clear picture of social media analytics so that you can track your progress and user engagement.

For more details, please visit: KuKo website.

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