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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Collaboration Tools Product Review- Filestage

collaboration-tools-product-review-filestageFilestage, as the name suggest, is a top collaboration tool or platform designed to upload and share a file among co-workers. This is a straightforward and intuitive platform that works in an organization adding team members, business partners, and clients to upload and share files.

Here you can review and approve data such as text documents, images, voice notes as well as videos. This place your clients and co-works to add their feedback directly and discuss these data. The most fantastic feature bout this application is, you do not need to install anything to your system as it uses the concept of Saas.


Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 30-day free trial. Other pricing plans are as under:

Yearly Billing

Freelancer $19
Agency $36
Enterprise $99

Monthly Billing

Freelancer $24
Agency $45
Enterprise $125

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Filestage-CreatingAprojectCreate a Project
You can get started by creating your first project. For this, the application lets you create your first project to share files and collaborate with your team.




Filestage-UploadingFilesToaProjectUploading Files to a Project
Once the project is created, you can upload files. For this, just drag files to the project dashboard or click on the green upload button on the bottom left corner of the panel. The panel displays a list of all the items that you have uploaded. Files can be documents, images, videos or audios.


Filestage-CreatingATeamCreating a Team
To get started on file sharing, all you need is a team. You can join in people to create a team. The team features lets you send invites to the participants you wish to join in for. You can change the company name as you require or get started with the one that is suggested.



The Team Feature contains three further sections, namely- Members, Branding, and Settings.

Filestage-CreatingATeamMembers.aThe member’s section gives an overview of all the members of your team also allows you to send invites to more people.




Filestage-CreatingATeamBranding.bThe Branding Section helps you develop your brand. This section lets you upload your brand logo to grab immediate attention among others.




Filestage-CreatingATeamSettings.cThe Team Settings Section, on the other hand, lets you change the Team name or delete the Team.




Filestage-InvitingPeopleToTheProjectInviting People to the Project
Creating a group and inviting them into your project are two different things at Filestage. You can ask people to form Filestage into your plans via links that send invites directly from the files. The people link associated with each item lets you add people with whom you wish to share files. This invite link allows you to invite reviewer also along with your team members.



Filestage-CommentsAndDiscussionsComments and Discussions
You can post a comment or export a feedback related to a file. For this, double click on the archive and the application will take you to a window where you can post a comment or export a feedback for the file. This window makes discussions easier having separate comment sections for different files. The comments section also allows you to add attachments to your comments.



Filestage-ExportFeedbackExport Feedback
You can export a feedback about a file along with its observations via this feature. This file lets you create a PDF file or print the details.



Mobile Accessibility

The application is available on all devices whether you are using a computer, a laptop, Smartphone or a tablet. The application is available on Android as well as iOS devices.


  • The application offers a video tutorial for the better understanding of its features.
  • The Open Help section right inside the main menu of the application brings the users to a knowledge base that can assist in resolving issues using the tool.
  • Contact Support section also offered by the application brings the users to online chat support with the assistance team.
  • Other than this, the app also provides call support, a FAQ section, and email support.

Pros and Cons of Filestage


  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • File export facility helps users to export details and discussions in a PDF format or even have a print.
  • Available on all devices. Presence on the mobile devices makes it flexible to use on the go.


  • The lack application calendar features to mark an event.
  • Private chat or messaging among the collaborators can also add a sophisticated edge to the tool.

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  • The version control helps reduce confusions and misunderstandings.
  • The traffic light system makes it easier to review the workflow.
  • Reviewers can post comments and review without the need of signing up.

For more details, please visit Filestage website.

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