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Sunday , March 3 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Topvisor

Marketing-Tools Product-review-topvisorWhat is the most difficult task for an SMB owner? Product design? Human resource management? Finance management? No! The most difficult task is marketing and what is even more challenging is market analysis to achieve exponential growth. The reason behind significant startup failures is that they are not able to sell their product and services properly.

Selling not only means advertising about what you have to give but also keeping a check as to what responses you are receiving through this marketing. SEO is one way to make sure that you are getting proper exposure, but many other factors need to be taken care of like PPC, keywords, site examination and much more.

It takes a lot of time for SMB owners to keep a check on all these factors and a run business along with it. So a tool to bring all these together on one platform seems like a feasible solution. Topvisor is an online marketing tool which brings all such marketing techniques together so that business owners are facilitated to keep each and every check just a couple of clicks away.

Editions and Pricing

Topvisor provides different pricing options with separate pricing for each feature so that the user does not have to pay for features that he doesn’t utilize.

Pricing $0/month $30/month $90/month $300/month $600/month
Saving per plan 0% 10% 20% 30% 40%
Rank Tracker $0.005 $0.0045 $0.004 $0.0035 $0.003
Keyword researcher $0.1 $0.09 $0.08 $0.07 $0.06
Keyword suggestion tool $0.015 $0.0135 $0.012 $0.0105 $0.009
Search volume tracker $0.002 $0.018 $0.0016 $0.0014 $0.0012
Clustering tool $0.01 $0.009 $0.008 $0.007 $0.006
Website auditor/1 page $0.01 $0.009 $0.008 $0.007 $0.006
Watcher $0.01 $0.009 $0.008 $0.007 $0.006

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Topvisor has made sure that everything you need is readily accessible from Topvisor’s dashboard. All your projects will appear right in front of your eyes when you log into the account on the dash so that you do not miss out on anything. All notifications are directly accessible from the dash.

submit ticketSubmit a Ticket
By clicking on the envelope icon on the dashboard, a user can view all the tickets and even submit a new message with an attachment of up to 3 MBs. It is a very efficient way to communicate on shared projects.



With this feature user can add search engines, locations and groups and can view ranking based on day, week month by selecting appropriately from the drop down calendar. It also has an option to generate the guest link that can be sent to anybody to view the statistics, and the report can be downloaded and sent via email as well. It clearly depicts dynamics, average position, and visibility.



Using this feature, a user can manage all the keyword related to a project, including exporting and importing keywords, researching keywords through suggestions and magnet tool, get search volume and keyword clustering. The user can also filter the keywords and change to Yandex Direct or Google Adwords.



It is an intuitive feature, where a user can view the project proceedings at a glance by selecting different widgets and setting the criteria.



website auditorWebsite Auditor
The auditor is a comprehensive feature that lets the user manage his entire site with various options like summary, index status, snippet, links, images, content, list of pages and settings. In the configuration, option user can set up the website URL and start scanning option commences the site scan.



index statusIndex Status
This option lets the user browse his website for pages to check the index status of the site. Using the settings option, a user can set up the website URL of a scanning process.


To get your site SEO optimized every small thing must be accurate. This option lets the user manage such intricate details about your site by keeping a check on sub-parts of a web page. Using this feature title, description, H1, content, HTTP code, etc. can be managed just by setting the page URL in settings option.


In this feature, a user can add a sitemap of his website or generate a sitemap. For creating a sitemap user will have to pay a fee according to the number of pages in the site.



This option lets the user manage search engine related operations like grabbing snippets, including subdomains, moderate filtering, correct spelling, local traffic, etc. It also has the option to schedule updates, add competitors, manage integrations, manage access, transfer project ownership and reports.

Additional Features
The user can add tags to the projects for natural search and provide a status to project like personal projects, scheduled update, on demand, shared projects and personal and shared projects.

Mobile Accessibility

Topvisor provides accessibility on the go with iOS app but does not have an app for Android. Android users can access Topvisor through mobile browsers.


Topvisor provides high integration with Google Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and Yandex Webmaster. It is handy in importing various updates for gathering data in Topvisor.


Topvisor has a carefully documented help center in which the user can get detailed information about any task he/she might have gotten stuck with. Step-by-step information is provided along with FAQs to help the users efficiently use the tool. Apart from this, users can also get help via email and phone.

Pros and Cons of Topvisor


  • A lot of payment options are available.
  • Can keep a check on multiple sites with completely separate reporting of features.
  • Payment required for only the features you use.


  • The tool does not have an Android app.
  • Having more integrations can make the tool even better.


What differentiates this tool from the rest of its kind is its emphasis on details as it lets you manage the components of each and every page using its watcher feature. Moreover, its other features like the spell check and monitoring local traffic provides this tool an edge over others.

For more details, please visit Topvisor website.

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