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Monday , April 15 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Kustomer Konnect

Marketing-Tools-product-review-Kustomer-KonnectCustomer engagement is one tricky task when it comes to small and medium sized businesses. These types of business have a long slope of success to cover up with emphasis required on service quality, meeting deadlines, internal operations, and marketing. The key to customer retention is good customer engagement.

SMBs are always on the lookout to increase their customer pools and a tool to make customer engagement a tad easy proves to be a great help. Kustomer Konnect is a tool which aims to get this task done and organizes related activities with ease.


Editions and Pricing

It provides a 30 day free trial for its users to get acquainted with its features and functionalities after which the user can use it for free for basic features and will have to upgrade to paid plans for additional features.

Free: Users can use features of this scheme without paying any fee. This plan allows unlimited participants with the features of Facebook sharing, visiting FB fan pages, following on Twitter, Tweet messaging, template library, customized widget visibility and scheduling sweepstakes.

Standard: This plan costs $29/mo and includes all the features of the basic plan. In addition to basic plan features it provides features like asking a question, pin image and follow on Pinterest, customize prize area, action area, and behavior, targeting as per countries, search engines, browsers, and by devices, additional child URL and FB login for participation.

Premium: This plan costs $69/mo and includes all the functionalities of the standard plan plus other features like polling, subscribing to mailing lists, modal widget, exit intent widget, targeting as per cookies, customize widget visibility according to time and dates.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

This tool provides you the scripting code to embed in your website between head tags in every page to incorporate this widget into your site.


KustomerKonnect_CreateSweepstake Creating Sweepstake
Creation of sweepstake is a very easy task. You only need to provide sweepstake name on the dashboard and click on create sweepstake. The systems ask you to choose action type, design, and configuration.
You can choose the way your participants will log in and provide URL for root and child pages. You can add a schedule and provide app details as well. The tool will provide script code for the task that you can embed in your website code in between head tags on each page. You can create other sweepstakes in the same manner by customizing actions, design and configuration for performing activities such as creating a poll, asking a question, subscribe to mailing list, visiting FB fan page, FB sharing, follow on Twitter, Tweet Message, Pin image and follow on Pinterest by providing adequate information.


KustomerKonnect_Dashboard Dashboard
The panel displays all the current sweepstakes that you have created with the option of editing or deleting them. The sweepstakes display is categorized under 5 headings namely scheduled, running, unpublished, draft and closed.


Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app not available as per now.


No explicit integration with any other tool or social media site.


Kustomer Konnect Sweepstakes provides support using active chat, where you can send a message to the team member, and they will contact you soon.

Pros and Cons of Kustomer Konnect 


  • Makes it very easy to integrate sweepstake widget into the website’s pages with readily available script code.
  • Has many options for creating customer engagement features like asking questions, polls, creating Tweet handles, etc.


  • Active support not so active with representative online more than a week ago.
  • No mobile apps.


While many other customer engagement tools provide intuitive features that Kustomer Konnect lacks, it still has an edge. It provides easy integration embed code which can be included in the website code. It enables in adding customer engaging functionalities without facing a lot of troubles in website coding aspect. For this a person need not be a coding expert, a layman can also perform this task very quickly as the code is pre-formulated. The only need is to paste the code in the website.

For more details, please visit Kustomer Konnect website.

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