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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Tips for Pinning on Pinterest After the New 2016 Changes

10-Tips-for-Pinning-on-Pinterest-After-the-New-2016-ChangesPinterest has made some recent changes this year incorporating algorithm changes, making it easy to use again. Since it also serves as a marketing tool for businesses, awareness over these changes is needed for your business. Following are some tips for making complete and satisfied use of Pinterest:

Affiliate Links For Direct Access

The user can now affiliate links to the post. Pinterest is now allowing the users to share their affiliate links, which was removed before due to spammers. Instead of posting links to the website or taking them to a concerned page containing links, now users can use the platform to navigate directly to the affiliated site; especially if they are a blogger or influencer.

Branding Fit Pins Only

The appearance of boards and pins have changed. It is now recommended to be careful while pinning stuff. As the users will now be able to see your board as a collage of your recent pins with the board title. Make sure the pins are worth to pin.

Don’t Depend on Repin Counts

The repins count is presented differently now for some Pinterest web versions and mobile apps. It is no more a measure of user engagement after you repined any pin to your board, but it now displays an overall participation number possessed by each pin. Therefore, considering repin counts a definite measure would be not favorable.

Analytics for Business

How vital role analytics play in business is well known. Even Pinterest offers analytics to business account holders that show engagement of your pins. Moreover, use Tailwind the complete Pinterest marketing toolkit for measuring the engagement. Find out pins that are performing well and worth promoting further, and the ones acquiring limited engagement.

Global Reach Through International Pin

Businesses can target a large scale audience using the Pinterest platform. The new changes in Pinterest are also made to attract international audience forming a large consumer base globally. So, instead of focusing on local users, it would be great to create pins those are global fits, targeting international customers.

Promote pins

Use Pinterest to promote your pins. With new algorithm changes followed or adapted by Pinterest, it can be paid for any pin promotion. Target on pins that according to you are worthy of engagement but are not getting enough pay for such pins to boost them and to take them forward for more reach.

Optimize Board Content

Change the wording structure of your board including its name and description into specific relevant keywords. To make it better for people finding interesting content on Pinterest, captions also must include relevant keywords. The board would help a post found quickly on search engines because of algorithmic changes.

More Than Group Board Focus on Individual

Group boards in Pinterest allow a pinner to invite other pinners on the same board, sharing pins for further reach. However, totally depending on them will not make a countable difference. Even if you seek to use group boards, a few groups with different persons on board will be okay along with the habit of pinning content on individual boards as well.

Pin Real content

People like to see and store content that is genuine and valuable not the unoriginal and tedious. Make sure the content pinned and shared by you is authentic and helpful for other members of target people. It is crucial for seeking considerable attention which powers the engagement and can lead to more reach.

Pinterest is not the only one

There are many other social media platforms to reach out broad audience. Pinterest is not only the one to focus. Since each user has different endeavor for the end users so, sticking entirely on one is not reliable. Thus, don’t heavily concentrate on Pinterest only, make use of other tools too as per the need and target audience.

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