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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Start A Fire

Marketing-tools-product-review-start-a-FireStart A Fire is a tool that enables you to get the most value from the link shared by you on social media or newsletters. It allows you to add a badge within any link with your content recommendations. The tool helps you seamlessly expand your content’s reach as anyone who shares or opens the links created by you will see your content recommendations.

There are many ways you could use Start A Fire, for instance, when you share external links, or you could use it for your content to direct your audience to different pages of your site. You can also use it for the links you share through emails. Start A Fire provides integration with Buffer, HubSpot, HootSuite and many other social media tools.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta. Hence it is available for free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

StartAFire_SignUpEasy Signup
You can easily sign up via your email account or through Twitter.




StartAFire_RecommendationsAttach Content Recommendations
You can easily attach your content recommendations to the link you want to share by just pasting the link in the dashboard.




StartAFire_TechnologySmart Technology
Start A Fire uses a technology which is like a real-time proxy between the actual website and the user. It follows a complete proxy protocol, so all the communications are established in real time between Start a Fire and the actual website domain.



StartAFire_AddRecommendationsAdd Recommended Content
The content you recommend will appear in the links created by you, and you can add any content you like.




StartAFire_CustomizeBadgeCustomize Badge
You can edit your badge the way you want. You can change the image displayed or name displayed and also add a URL for where you want a reader to be directed if he clicks on the badge.



Mobile Accessibility

The app does not currently have any native Android or iOS apps.


Start A Fire provides full integration with your newsletter and social media tools like the Buffer, HubSpot, and Oktopost. It also provides an extension for Chrome browser and bookmarklet for Safari and Firefox.


Start a Fire provides support through email, Knowledge Base and live chat.

Pros and Cons of Start A Fire


  • Quick and easy SignUp.
  • Allows you to customize the badge, add a picture, change name, etc.
  • Provides full integration with your social media and newsletter tools.


  • Works slowly at times.


Provides an innovative way to promote your content, enabling you to add a badge to every link you share. You can use this tool to increase brand exposure through your links shared on Twitter, Facebook or newsletters.

For more detail, please visit Start A Fire website.

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