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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Can Wearable Technology Threaten the Cyber Security of Your Business?

can-wearable-technology-threaten-the-cyber-security-of-your-businessThese days rapidly evolving technologies bring the two sides of the impact along with it. Upcoming wearable technology is no different from other recent ones. The wearables are the most promising trends in the internet of things (IoT) market. Smart glass, smart band, and smart clothing are looking at the business premises to evolve the existing technology and rule over smartphones and tablets. As the businesses are adopting the newer technology, the new risk factors and issues come into existence. Cyber security is one crucial aspect of the business and adoption of wearable technology in business can threat to the cyber security.

Along with the positive side of impact of wearable technology, businesses are expecting BYOD (bring your own device) policy that will reduce the investment cost and increase the productivity. But, the question raised here is what security issues and risk factors the business should be cautious of. The negative side of impact is about the security of critical data and information within the business.

About Wearables

Well-known wearables are Google glasses, Samsung’s headgear, Apple watches, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband, and Microsoft band. The wearables include categories of fitness tracker accessories, smart watches, and smart clothing. Technically, wearables have three modules such as sensors, microprocessor, and a transmitter. The wearables rely on the smartphones or other devices for data storage.

Examples of Threats

Consider an employee brings a smart watch in the business premises. The primary role of the smartwatch is to connect with the smartphone and notify about activities. Then, the wearable will be connected to the company network where confidential data is stored such as customer credentials or business projects. The smartwatch will be able to access or transfer the sensitive data to the smartphone or other device. The Bluetooth can be used to steal data that are stored in the cloud. A signal interception can cause a threat to the cyber security, and the business premises might be prone to espionage.

There might be technological errors with the wearables that induce threats. Consider a smart watch infected with malware due to vulnerability in the software, moves to the network of corporate. The malware infects the entire network and execute an attack that might result in the ecommerce site shut down.

Reducing the Security Risks

Businesses can allow wearables in the premises when they are featured with some security settings that reduce the risks. The businesses can demand custom security settings from the manufacturers. The wearable device should have remote erase feature, that is, if the device is lost or stolen, the user can remotely disable. Bluetooth encryption is must for all the device for secure connectivity. There should be encryption of the data that is transmitted from or to the wearable device. Usually, wearable devices transmit critical data such as passwords and PIN numbers in plain text which is vulnerable. Businesses should have cloud security and updated malware detection solutions.

The Bottom Line

According to a Salesforce research, 54 percent companies are supporting bring your own wearables (BYOW) model, while 40 percent are planning to support the model in future. Wearables might be ruling over the previous technologies used in the business premises. It will enhance productivity and bring benefits. The security issues can be minimized and risks can be reduced using some technological solutions with cyber security. However, your business should be cautious of the risks while adapting the wearable technology so that you move forward to the new age revolution with no concern.

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