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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Zaapt

Marketing-tools-product-review-ZaaptPlanning, organizing and conducting social campaigns are the tasks every business implements. It is very important to identify the business goals to make the marketing work for companies. A proper knowledge of your sense of direction towards the business goals is very important for marketing process to be effective. It is also crucial to identify clearly that which social channel is best suited to promote the brand.

Generating compelling content suitable for these social channels must be a top most priority. Content plays a vital role in promoting the brand provided with; the content should be appropriate for the channel and clearly projects the business goals.

Automating all such tasks involving Social Media Marketing can save a lot of expenses and time of business for some other tasks. Zaapt is one of such tools that can help your business grow by promoting your brand across social channels.

Editions and Pricing

The details for versions and pricing are:

Free 14-day free trial
Paid Plan $30 per user per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Zaapt-DashboardThe Zaapt Dashboard
The Zaapt dashboard is a place where you can quickly get access to all the features right at a single location. The areas that can be accessed are User profile, accounts, organization management, and feature to add accounts.



Zaapt-ScheduleEventsOverAccountsSchedule Events Across Social Channels via Calendar
The tool helps you schedule social channel management across Twitter and Facebook accounts. The calendar helps you organize things and posts in an organized manner clearly displaying all planned events with channels.



Zaapt-AddPostsAdd a Post
Zaapt allows you to add new posts for an account right inside the calendar. All you need to do is click the Add Posts button and enter details including feature image, Social Channel, date, etc. and the post is created and added right inside the calendar.



Zaapt-FiltersAndTagsFilter Posts
You can use filters on posts that are created. Posts can be filtered based on categories such as Draft, Pending, Approved, Scheduled, and Live. The tool also allows you to add tags to specific posts.



Zaapt-viewPostsView Posts
You can see posts related to an account you create. The posts are categorized as Posts and events. This way, it gives a quick view of all the tasks that are related to any account.


Zaapt-ManageOrganizationManage your Organization
The Manage Organization option from the Dashboard gives you the power to manage your account. This feature shows all active users of the account and also allows you to add new users. The new users can be linked to the accounts that are created inside the tools and rights can be granted as desired. You can also change preferences from this panel such as time zone, organization name, week start, etc.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool presently does not is unavailable for Android and iOS platforms.


The task of social media marketing can only take place when the tool integrates with social channels to promote the brand. Zaapt, therefore, integrates with social channels such as Twitter accounts and Facebook pages to carry out social media marketing for your brand.


The tool offers instant online chat support to its users right inside the dashboard. The tool also provides a video guide for new users to introduce the product.

Pros and Cons of Zaapt


  • The tool is highly intuitive and easy to use.
  • The calendar options let you better organize events and posts.


  • The tool does not connect to LinkedIn, the most important platform connecting business organizations and other professionals.
  • The tool is compatible with Google Chrome browser only, using it with other browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer is challenging.


The tool allows you to plan and publish things straight from the content calendar. Now you don’t have to browse through spreadsheets or choose a different platform to create and schedule posts.

For more details, please visit Zaapt website.

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