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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Metricso

Marketing-Tools Product-review-metricsoImagine if you could learn more about the consumer and their understanding, their interest, what they talk about, how they spend their free time or the words they like to use. You thoughts can become real with the use of Metricso, and you can get to know your consumers like never before.

Metricso analyses the data of your customer activities and behaviour and will help you find the appropriate communication messages to be sent. You can then build segment and send marketing message for separate groups as expected by the consumer. After having sent out the messages successfully to your customers, all you have to do is wait for results.

Editions and Pricing

There are six versions of pricing in Metricso. Metricso provides simple pricing structure. It does not limit the features instead focusses on the number of customers.

Number of Users Monthly Billing Yearly Billing
1,000 $221 per month $199 per month
5,000 $443 per month $399 per month
25,000 $721 per month $649 per month
50,000 $1277 per month $1149 per month
100,000 $2221 per month $1999 per month
Above  100,000 Individual Pricing Individual Pricing

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Social Media being a significant source of consumer data, is analysed by Metricso and presented in the panel.





Know the geographic of your consumers with Metricso. The users can easily fond the percentage of customers located in a place.



The demographic view allows the users to see the gender wise data and gender by data, helping the users to target the customers even based on the gender.



The psychographics details like the interest, content consumption, psychological profile and social personality can be viewed easily in the graphical representation.



product_review_metricso_social_informationSocial Information
The social information like social analysis, performance, activity, power, density, post types, etc. can be viewed on the go without drilling much deeper.



Mobile Accessibility

There is no mobile application for Metricso, but it is still accessible in the mobile browser.


The users can integrate with Metricso in several ways. The users can add a Facebook Connect feature to their website, build a custom application on Facebook, or use Metricso’s solution to create an application on their website or Facebook page.


Metricso provides a list of FAQ’s to help the users with basic doubts and issues. It also provides the feature to send messages to the support centre. An implementation guide will help you to understand the tool in the better way.

Pros and Cons of metricso


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy graphical view of data.
  • Know more about the customers.
  • Easy to drill down the data without any time-consuming efforts.
  • It is available in two languages; English and Polish.


  • Need to select a plan before creating any project.
  • Sometimes consumes a few seconds to switch from one feature to another.


Focussing on the customers instead of the brand is what makes Metricso different from others. A full analysis can be done easily on the consumer’s activity on the social media. It has about 20 own algorithms that gather the customer’s activity.

For more details, please visit metricso website.

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