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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Partner up to give Growth Hacking a boost

Partner-up-to-give-Growth-Hacking-a-boostOne concept that is integral to growth hacking is incorporating influencers. A good growth hacking plan NEVER omits the role of influencers for its business rather emphasizes on its importance and plans a strategy to use this feature to its cause.

It is essential to analyze the parameters of the business and search for strong influencers who have the capability to increase your business’ credibility and convince potential customers to satisfy their business needs from your enterprise. Influencers become the primary attention earning points and through these the business gets more exposure, new clients and a position on the global forum. Involving core influencers makes a growth hacking plan about 2x stronger and increases the exposure up to three times if it involves strong digital marketing support.

Convincing an Influencer

It is very important to target an appropriate influencer for your business, they should seem genuine and impacting to provide the apt influence on the general masses. It is a tricky task to evaluate the best influencers for your business, such task should be done only after collecting a profound knowledge of your products and services. Though it might seem to be an obvious fact that all customers should be turned to influencers but it is not a wise move. Some customers are better influencers than other; also having a renowned and reputed person as an influencer does the job better. A business enterprise can follow different approaches to convert their customers into influencers by providing benefits or opportunity to use and test a new feature and be posted on the website of the same. Another approach is to get their feedback about a service they opted for and post the feedback as a comment.

Keeping Check

No doubt incorporating influencers brings additional workload and checks to keep in mind. Even when influencers have been convinced to provide their voice and profile to propagate your business services, there is still a lot remaining to be done and the hard part starts here. Since influencers are not core to the enterprise, asking them to aid your work becomes tricky. Initially, they need to be informed of their task and the importance of it along with keeping track of their posts and its content.  It is important to get their social media reference information as well so that the visiting viewers or potential customers can get assured of the authenticity of the profile. Clients having YouTube channels and star rating on other recognized sites also make a good choice for influencers.

The Bottom Line

Since now it is clear that influencers are the core to a business marketing strategy, it becomes essential to manage them as well. Small and medium business should first target the local pool of potential customers and then expand in proportion to growth parameters. At a point, where a business is leaping it becomes difficult to manage the influencers, so several tools available in the digital market can be deployed to save time and increase efficiency. Tools like Followerwonk, Klout and Littlebird are some of such top notch products. With a strong base of influencers ready to support a business enterprise, the services propagation will increase manifold and your business will take leaps as never before.

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