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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Plan formulation for Growth Hacking

Plan-formulation-for-Growth-HackingGrowth hacking is being seen as the future of internet based companies. It is slowly bridging the gap between coders and marketers. Those responsible for selling have to understand what an API is and those developing the code don’t just write the solutions but have to take care of user experience too. Growth hacking will no longer be limited to just startups and why should it? If this technique can work so well with companies that don’t even have sufficient resources and connections, it can certainly work wonders for the ones that do.

To implement growth hacking efficiently for your business, you need to plan out all the building blocks that will drive you towards sustainable growth. You can start by following these basic guidelines:

  • Have a well-defined goal: Define your goal clearly. It is better to break it down into smaller achievable sub goals.
  • Focus on your pre-launch users: Create a list of people who already are interested in your product. You can provide them offers that aren’t easy to refuse. You can offer extra features, build competitions to win your product and send them call to actions with appropriate guidelines to use your products.
  • Recruit users manually: Don’t expect people to come to you, get out of the shell and approach your potential users. The numbers might seem small at first, but when the growth gets compounded, you’ll get a pretty decent user acquisition. After your growth rate reaches a sustainable level, you can switch to other methods that don’t require much manual efforts.
  • Develop a product that is awe-inspiring: Designing a wonderful product assures your marketing battle is half won. Make your product sell itself. Offer your users something that is one step ahead of what your competitors offer so that they don’t have to think twice before choosing your product.
  • Track your performance using analytics: Measure the amount of traffic flowing towards your pages. Track down what landing pages are having the best conversion rates.
  • Work carefully on your email list: Email is an effective medium that allows you to communicate personally with your users, send them notifications, remainders and special offers. Prepare the email list carefully.
  • Analyze other’s campaigns: Observe how other marketers implement their strategies and how good those strategies work out for them.
  • Offer freemium packages: Free plans allows you to quickly acquire more users.
  • Reward people for inviting others: Offer some tools or features to encourage users to invite their friends for using your product. Make sure your offer seems valuable to people.
  • Make your brand’s name recognizable: An effective way to make your company’s name visible is by using it with your name on social profiles, so every time you post something or leave a comment people can see your company’s name.
  • Email signature growth hack: You can include a call to action and some relevant information in your email signature. This is an excellent step towards your product’s growth.

The Bottom Line

  • Have clearly defined goals.
  • Pay special attention to pre-launch users.
  • Design a great product.
  • Track conversions for the landing pages.
  • Have a good email list
  • Offer freemium plans to users.
  • Encourage users to invite their friends.
  • Promote your product using social media and email signature growth hack.

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