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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Push Tactics of getting visitors through Growth Hacking

Push-Tactics-of-getting-visitors-through-Growth-HackingGrowth Hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which use creativity, social metrics and analytical thinking to promote their brands, sell products and gain exposure. It can be visualized as a part of the online marketing ecosystem, as in many cases, growth hackers are using techniques such as website analytics, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing and A/B testing.

A Push Tactic usually involves interrupting the content that is being consumed. You are tweet ad that people read on their stream while tweeting. You are the YouTube add that rolls in while they are watching the video they wanted to watch. So, basically, this is pushing your brand into the vision of the targeted customers, luring them to buy products or avail services from your business.

Following are some of the tactics that can drive visitors through growth hacking:

Purchase Ads

Ads are definitely a place to hack the distribution of your product. The ads should be purchased with a strategy, should be creative and should be working on creating an edge in the media for successful promotion of your brand.

  • Understanding the Ad Platform Options: There can be a variety of ways to purchase adds. Most of the people assume that there is just Facebook, Twitter and Google, where the ads can flourish your business. There are networks and niche such as The Deck and Carbon that allows you to target audiences across verticals. Retargeting is another tactic in paid ad category- this means there are certain specific ads that can only be seen by returning visitors as they browse the internet.
  • Learn the Technical Details of your chosen Platform:  It is imperative to learn the technical details of the platform which you have found is suitable for your ad campaign. Not knowing the technical details of the platform can make you lose the investment you did for your brand.
  • Buying ads is business model competition:  A great and planned business model is all you need to win customers deciding on how much you pay for a single click or for a set of impressions.
  • Qualify every click if you are paying for each:  This is the process where you pay only when your ad is clicked regardless of how many times your add appears to the audience. Each click in this case should be properly qualified, that means, people who are really interested in your brand should be the only ones that are clicking it because they cost you money every time they do. That means the ads should not include irrelevant information or images that invoke people to click on the ad. Also putting the actual price of the product on the add is also a good idea so that people properly know what they are clicking on.
  • Test Variations:  You will never know what combination of if’s and odd’s will make your audience respond to. In such cases, it is advised to try on testing multiple copies of your ads, image combinations and many more. This observation will resurface the perfect ads that promote your business best and driving customers.

Promo Swap

Cross-platform promotion is one of the best, easiest and free ways to boost business driving customers into it. It is best to find a company that targets customers like yours, coordinate with it, and promote each other’s business in partnership. Swap can be done as:

  • Swap Tweets
    Each company tweets to their followers about another company.
  • Swap Facebook Posts
    Each company publishes a post on their Facebook page about the other company.
  • Dedicated Email Swap
    Each company sends an entire email about the other company.
  • Ad space Swap
    Each company allows the other company to place a banner ad on their website.


Another push method used for growth hacking may be hiring Affiliates. Affiliates are people whom you pay every time they reach a goal, such as getting a visitor to your site, activating a member or even engaging other people with your product or service. These people should be chosen wisely as they now represent your business, although they are not directly employed by you.

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The Bottom Line

Other than these, Direct Sales is also one of the most popular and widely used Push Techniques used for Growth hacking. Any small and medium business cannot imagine its startup steps, not including Direct Sales methods such as Telephone Marketing.

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