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Monday , April 15 2024

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review-

Growth- Hacking- is a growth hacking tool for professional Twitter users. It is developed by Napolean Ltd., a software company situated in Warsaw, Poland. helps you find prospects, engage with them and generate leads by finding the most relevant opportunities. On every page you retweet, adds a conversion widget to every page that you retweet automatically so the content can work for your benefit. Using this tool any piece of content shared by others can turn into your secret weapon.

Twitter is the place for great content and potential customers. In fact, there’s a lot of it. With, you can concentrate on the most relevant ones. This way you can be a successful content marketer without even creating your content.

Editions and Pricing

The app is available for free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Napo.ly_CreateQueryDefine Search Query
You can specify what you need to find on Twitter in the search query. You can look for relevant tweets and favorite them, retweet them and follow the potential customers. It allows you to have precise search queries, to get better results. These questions can be adjusted later, and new ones can also be added. It helps with better lead generation by letting you engage with the most relevant clients.


Napo.ly_ConfigureWidgetConfigure Widget
You can configure the lead generation widget that will automatically show up on every page you retweet the link to. You can specify the description for the widget, add the text which you want on the button and the URL for the widget.




 Napo.ly_CustomizeWidgetCustomize Widget
You can use your widget like a free banner on any website with relevant content. The configuration of the banner can easily be adjusted later from the widget section.




Analytics also provides analytics to track and measure the effects of your efforts.

Pros and Cons of


  • Reduces your marketing efforts by taking advantage of already created content.
  • Allows you to engage with the most relevant potential customers.
  • Provides analytics to track results.


  • Lacks certain features offered by the competitors like distribution network and integration with other apps.

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The app can be very helpful for a business’s growth as it allows you to engage with your potential customers on Twitter which is already the best platform to get prospects. The most important are feature is that you get to use the already created content to your benefit.

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