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Monday , June 24 2024

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Contentmart- Timely Implementation Is crucial for the Success of an Idea

contentmart-timely-implementation-is-crucial-for-the-success-of-an-ideaContentmart is an online content marketplace, the first of its kind in India. The motive of this company was to set up a secure, user-friendly platform where content seekers can connect with skilled writers. Here they can access thousands of copywriters be it Indian or from anywhere around the world. They can look at the copywriter’s portfolio, know about the selected topics they write about and also read the reviews of his previous work by other customers.



How did it start?

The CEO and co-founder Anton Rublevskyy was born in Simferopol, Ukraine. He had studied for one year in the US and then he moved to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Here, he studied at the National Aviation University and was equally engrossed in business at that time. Anton had been an entrepreneur since he was 16. He had already launched two companies in the Ukrainian market. Anton was still exploring and learning how to adapt to the market. He sold those companies while they were already climbing their ladder of success. The Business Head and co-founder Vikas Trivedi has a big experience in marketing.

Anton had tried and tested similar content platforms in Ukraine, where he outsourced content for his other businesses. That’s when he realized that this model works efficiently in the fast gathering of content. His original motivation came after he realized that there is a shortage of high-quality content which is needed by businesses to have a successful digital presence. The firm demand for relevant content in a globally accepted language geared them up to launch this platform.

Challenges Faced

According to Anton, the biggest problem was to remove the client writers interaction from the platform. They have a moderation system for that and are working towards making the platform more refined and robust for such type of communication. The challenge is to provide the optimum experience, services, and support to the client. They are planning to provide them the highest quality content speedily and at low prices. To achieve that, they are closely monitoring and measuring all the metrics and the roadmap to get there.

The Bottom Line

The biggest lesson Anton learnt while running Contentmart is real time implementation is critical for the success of an idea. Timely implementation is crucial for making your techniques and ideas work, or else your thoughts get outdated even before any technology does. Anton advises young entrepreneurs to believe in themselves and work like crazy to achieve results. Contentmart is growing at a rapid rate and in the next five years, Anton wants Contentmart to become the most loved, user-friendly and secure marketplace platform.

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