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Monday , June 24 2024

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The Einsite Internet of Things simplifying Mining and Construction

the-einsite-internet-of-things-simplifying-mining-and-constructionEinsite is a California registered company that designs IoT-based applications and solutions for mining and construction industries. From its development centre in Hyderabad, the team has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from KPCB Edge.

KPCB Edge is a well-known investor arm from the Silicon Valley. It is a based VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caulfied Byers. The company has helped technology companies such as Amazon, Uber, Snapchat, etc. The founders of the business claim that the motive behind Einsite is to make the process of mining and construction smart. They thought they could do this through its highly intelligent solutions and services.


The team believes that Internet of Things is a highly distributed field. The success of the IoT solution lies only in the fact that it serves the customized for the specific requirement. It is also important that the solution meets all the requirements when they are installed. These solutions costs a lot, and it ‘s hard to replace frequently. The team focuses on building a solution that can help by bridging the technology and data-flow gaps across locations in the field of highway construction and mining.

The Einsite team is planning to launch its first product by 2017 through its current round of funding. Apart from the Middle East clients, Einsite is working holding hands with Gayatri Projects in Hyderabad. The team is also motivated and look forward to joining with investors to move forward. They are planning to go on the path of development and producing more IoT solutions.

The Bottom Line

The team outsources both the assembly as well as manufacturing of products. China is one of the sources for import of sensors and some modules, while the process of fabrication of primary chipboard boxing is done in India.

Keeping the spirits high, the team behind Einsite believes in dedication and hard work, making the process of mining and construction easy going and smarter.

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