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Friday , April 19 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Nikabot

project-management-tools-product-review-nikabotpngAs a business owner, you must be thinking of the tools that you can use for multipurpose such as team communication and project management. Slack has been a very popular tool for its usability and facilities for communication among people. It also integrates with various tools that help teams to track projects and tasks within the workplace.

Nikabot is a slack based interactive tool used for monitoring work progress and team. The tool provides all in one neat place to show team members and their work progress that make it easy to make decisions for the projects. The best thing about the tool is that it incorporates a graphical approach to making tracking easy to understand.

Editions and Pricing

Nikabot has two editions- Starter and Pro. The Starter Edition is a free version of the tool that offers daily tracking with unlimited users and projects. Pro version offers some extra features such as extensive history, timesheet generator and the ability to export reports in CSV and PDF files. The pricing details for Pro version will launch soon.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool lets you have lively discussions in which you can add reactions and convey information to your team in an innovative way. Conversations keep you up with ongoing projects and close the gap between communications with your team.


With team facility, you can see the ongoing or finished projects along with team member and their roles. The tool lets you see a graphical view of group distribution, person-days per week and team breakdown.



The tool provides facility to see the breakdown of projects into the task in a colorful graphic depiction. You can customize the project reports by the last few weeks or between two dates. Plus, you can anytime rename, merge or delete the different projects.


The tool provides parts facility which enables you to select roles for team members. The particular colors can identify the parts. One task can be assigned to multiple team members.



product_review_nikabot_team_preferencesTeam Preferences
With team preferences feature, you can allow admin rights to the selected team members. You can also choose the team members that you want to track.




Mobile Accessibility

The tool is accessible for mobile browsing.


The tool has high integration with Slack and the operations such as team access, and direct messages are coupled with Slack.


The device provides conversation facility where you can message directly and get the support.

Pros and Cons of Nikabot


  • The easy and fast user interface.
  • Color-coded graphs and charts.
  • Direct message facility.


  • To access the tool, all the team members need to be on Slack.


Nikabot is a web-based tool that is coupled with Slack channel. The tool has many stands of features such as assigning role to team members, team distribution, Gantt charts and other graphical reports. The best thing about the tool is that it keeps you updated with ongoing details through interactive conversation. The reports are color coded that helps to understand the task progress smoothly. You can allow selected team members for the admin rights and track them as well. The tool uses Slack to provide a shared platform for project management.

For more details, please visit Nikabot website.

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