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Sunday , July 14 2024

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R2 Robotronics Determined To Empower Defense and Agriculture Sector

R2-Robotronics-Determined-To-Empower-Defense-and-Agriculture-SectorThe Delhi startup and MSME Development Forum gave an opportunity to R2 Robotronics. The company collected funds by Jaarvis Accelerator- which is India’s leading tech startup. This gave them a chance to showcase their main idea and the features of their product.

About the company

R2 Robotronics is a company that works in the Cloud Navigation System. It is a drone swarm management platform, especially for enterprises. It is a company that deploys pilot- free drone swarms for some applications.

Their entire system runs using the dual autopilot system ensuring navigation and flight safety efficiently over the internet. The drone technology recently employed by R2 Robotronics which is the latest technology of modern times.

The Union Defense Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar visited the R2 Robotronics stall and discussed the applications for their system. He also talked about the in-built safety mechanism embedded in their drones. The minister was highly impressed by the team, their ideas and the fact that they are the only company in India to poses such a technology with their idea about the rapid scale of development I this area.

The company is highly hopeful that the Mr. Manohar will further discuss their ideas and technology with the team and eventually supply the system to the Armed Forces. The team also had an opportunity to talk and show their product to Mr. Ramesh Abhishek, Secretary, Department of Industry Policy and Promotion. The team interacted with him on their technology behind the product and its possible uses for Military as well as Civilian activities.

The R2 Robotronics team discussed how their technology could benefit some sectors. Major among them be agriculture and industrial surveillance, the team enthusiastically explained how their product could address the different use- cases. Their idea of innovation and technology impressed many other govt. Officials too in this expo.

The Bottom Line

The R2 Robotronics team looks forward to developing and work on new levels in this domain. With the drone industry gaining popularity and innovations every day it will reach a size of US $13 billion by the year 2022. Also, with the Indian industry racing with the world, it will touch the US $ 1.1 billion with more than 50% application in the defense sector. Many startups have been working in this industry since recent past years globally witnessed a rise of US $500 million in this particular industry.

These drones can serve not only the defense sector but also across applications. These can be Drone Delivery, Crowd Monitoring, Surveillance, Crop Seeding/ Dusting, disaster relief and GIS enabled solutions.

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