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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Shift your security strategy from IT to Business

As more and more businesses have completely gone digital, they need additional security of their IT assets. The cyber security strategy needs a major paradigm shift for today’s modern digital platforms. Ransomware and other cyber threats have become more dangerous than ever before, and most of these attacks remain unknown to IT professionals. It has thus become important to combat this threat with the help of business-driven security strategies.

The recent cyber events have shown that hackers have always looked for the weakness and gaps in the defence mechanisms. This makes them fall victim to cyber-attacks that can cause harm to the business revenue. It is also believed that the IT centred approach followed today needs to be replaced with the business centred security strategy. This also allows the organizations to achieve high security without hampering digital business transformations.

Issues with the Current IT-based Security Approach  

The current IT security has been dedicated to increasing awareness and implementing the restrictions on all the data that is present online. Business houses have developed layers of security policies and a number of technologies to gain higher visibility, restrict access to the information present online, as well as the involvement of end-user training programs. All these efforts to keep the information system security and educate their workforce about the known cyber threats.

People are also instructed not to click on the links they think are doubtful or not to download files they do not know about. These strategies surely have their own set of benefits. They are ineffective in keeping safe the upcoming cyber-attacks that are caused by unknown malware.

The restrictive IT security strategies used today create a hindrance in the new digital workflows imposing more pressure on the globally diverse and hybrid workforce and the business partners. Current IT security strategies are stopping the end-users from fulfilling their job responsibilities in the best possible way. In such a case, they are often left with two choices. Either resolve issues with the IT department or seek another option to work around finding a loop in the company’s security system.

It is thus recommended that the business houses adopt the business-led approach, which allows the security as well as the business teams to work collectively towards common goals of usability and secure productivity within the new digital workflows.

There can be many ways to adapt the business centred, secure strategy. Here are three ways to do it.

Use security as a Business Service

Every business has one or the other type of business service such as Slack, Zoom, AWS, and Salesforce. These services facilitate your digital business operations. Businesses must think about security in the same way. When security is adopted as a business service, it will allow the organization to integrate into their modern infrastructure the applications and services rather than developing, maintaining, and customizing their own security infrastructure. This will allow the IT and security teams to spend less time operating the technology and more time collaborating with the business leaders to make the enterprise security posture more strong.

Get in Touch with the Business Leaders to address the Next Cyber Risk

Businesses that have some of the best security systems need to get in touch with other business leaders to constantly evolve their security infrastructure. The best approach will be when the security leaders facilitate collaboration by the design among the security as well as the digital teams that are on the way to the digital transformation activities. It is important to replace the critical business operations and outdated processes with the latest ones.

It is said that working with the business leaders. The security teams can prioritize and evaluate the new cyber risks adopt security as a service that will never hinder productivity.

Use Secure User productivity as a KPI

There are several antivirus programs available in the market that sometimes hamper the everyday workflow of the working professionals by either blocking the legitimate inbound files or prohibiting the work-related web pages. In such a scenario, the only thing that needs to be done is to call the IT team and work with them to access these files and web pages. This is a mere wastage of time for all the parties as well as the overall business.

These issues can be resolved by the use of new-age technologies such as content disarm and reconstruction. In addition, multi-factor authentication and browser isolation allow the users to stay productive at the same time maintaining the highest levels of security. The businesses are thus recommended to use new and latest security technologies as a service and measure the end-user productivity as the new KPI.

It is well known that cyber threats are growing every day and becoming more and more dangerous for businesses. The attackers are making use of the complex IT centred approach against enterprise security.

At the same time, implementing a business centred approach to cyber security cannot be done overnight. The business leaders have to take this into consideration and steer the business in the right direction. Security can be thought of as a business enabler that can help in business continuity and productivity.

Businesses also need to make new investments apart from the constraint budgets to ensure that the new security system is business-driven. In the near future, the business centred security strategy will benefit the business as well as their customers.

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