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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Three Free Resources Bootstrapped Businesses Need to Know About

COVID-19 pandemic has brought several changes to business practices, and now businesses are looking forward to find ways to save time, money, and allocate resources to make their hard-earned money stretch a little longer. There are significant amount of resources available; however, finding the right one at the right price is usually a time consuming task. Further, finding a reliable, credible, and cost-effective resource is another challenging task for the business.

Huge annual advancements in computers, phones, tablets, POS systems, cloud storage, data backup, software, and more create an ever-changing monarchy of IT possibilities and businesses invest their money accordingly. This can make it difficult to determine how to allocate businesses funds appropriately.

Notably, there are many business owners make the mistake of using same IT budgeting methods every years, without considering the business needs and technological advancement that could benefit them in many ways.

Here are few free resources that businesses needs to know about and which can assist SMEs in their growth and development with little budget.

Meet with the Google Digital Garage

Learn about digital marketing for businesses at your own pace with resources designed to assist you with any knowledge and skill level with your business marketing. Google Digital Garage is a one-stop-shop for small and medium businesses who wants to expand their business online. It is all where you search for ads and do content marketing with majority of the courses being free and approved by industry experts. It offers a tailored training plan to learn different digital skills completely free.

Get Along with Network Educate Invite

The Network Educate Invite is a platform that allows small and medium businesses to access everything they need to grow and build their business. It is an educational platform that offers information from best business coaches, mentors, and experts aimed at helping businesses to grow. Network Educate Invite creates opportunities for businesses and educate them to improve their operations, without having to pay thousands of dollars for the resources and advice require to fix a problem. With the range of resources it provides to a business, this platform can be accesses using an app.

Secure Agreements and Contracts through Meet DocuSign

Increased preference for cashless exchange and popularity of online meetings, networking, and development of business agreement solutions are changing the way people conduct business. This platform provides a contactless solution which can save time, money, and resources of a business while remaining user-friendly. The platform has the ability for businesses to sign and send contracts anytime, anywhere that are secure and sustainable. It offers a free trial service to the users and with its free trial, you can check if this program works for your business before integrating the resources into your technology suite.



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