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Friday , May 24 2024

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10 Big Data Success Stories for 2016

10-Big-Data-Success-Stories-for-2016People have been looking forward to see new success stories for Big Data every year. But the year 2016 seems to be more exciting, positive, more alive and more fantastic. Let us put into the showcase some of the top  Success Stories that are foreseen for 2016.

Big data leads to massive Government savings

The year 2016 is expected to leverage radical reduction in government expenditure. The governments around the world are expected to make changes in professions such as medicine, law enforcement agencies and teaching treating them with right thinking and common sense.

As Big Data treatment, the government will replace over-paid, over-educated and over-bearing statisticians with Data Scientists who are capable to produce ‘the required numbers’ with priority and at a tenth of its cost.

Big Data solves the Climate Change riddle

Following the climate talks buzzing in Paris this year, 2016 will experience some fantastic adjustments on how climate change will be seen, measured and addressed. The climate changes will soon not be seen as a problem or threat, but will be considered as a serious and fair opportunity for market capitalism in general, and Big Data in particular. Temperature change measurements will no longer be done, instead climate change opinions will be collected by massive technologies from global social media. Then this will be a unique guide to the actual effectiveness of the struggle against things ‘getting too hot’.

Data Warehousing knocked out by Big Data

Big data is going to put an end to Data warehousing to an end. It has proven itself as the best for input into tactical, strategic and operational decision making. It also claims to have more capabilities than the traditional Data Warehousing methods which works best for the new and improved versions of data storage techniques and current market demands.

Queen Brenda inaugurates the Lady Di Memorial Big Data Lake

HRH will inaugurate the former Windermere Lake as the new Lady Di Memorial Big Data Lake. This will be hailed as big success stories of Big Data by millions of subjects. The inauguration day is expected to slightly impair by gushing Big Data guru being told to beggar ‘orf by none other than Phil the Greek.

Mega-Democratic Big Data Social Media Mining to replace Democratic Elections

Democratic elections around the world is one of the most important decisions that is repetitive, stressful and brings in a lot of tensions. Catering to all these overheads, social media mining techniques along with Big Data systems brought up new solutions to build nation’s democracy. From 2016, the elections for politicians will not be decided by the common people- not least the legacy way, but by using a broad interconnected raft of sentiment analysis, machine learning and other data sciences gizmos. This will bring an end to the old fashioned democratic elections, announcing a confident new world of online and interactive social media politics.

Big data Success Stories to top a million by the end of 2016

With Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel being reclassified as Big Data repositories by a global and socially responsible market driven initiative, the number of its success stories for 2016 is expected to exceed a million.

Big Data’s analytics makes Tesla Better than Jaguar

Although Tesla is not a perfect car, especially in the market that is more dominated by the gas guzzlers. But as the company uses Big Data analytics to study its vehicles ultimately improved the customer’s experience offering a lesson to automobile industry.

The Coca Cola Company

Many people thinks that the world’s best kept secrets are the formula for Coke, but amazingly, it is not. Rather, it is the formula for the orange juice. Engineers from Coke identified more than 600 possible flavors for orange juice, and then built a proprietary algorithm ensuring a consistent taste and textures comparing batches for oranges.

Food Genius

Food Genius is a food service data provider. It collects data from local restraint online menus and searches for local trends, helping companies such as Kraft Foods and even national chains such as Arbay. They intelligently develop and market products at the local level using advanced Big Data algorithms.

The Bottom Line

Big data is thus bringing rapid and advanced changes in the field of Data Warehousing, analysis, predictions, access, storage and sharing. It is soon expected to bring many such changes in the society with rapid growth in technology.

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