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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors that you Must Know

Top-10-Search-Engine-Ranking-Factors-that-you-Must-KnowEverybody wants to know on which basis their websites get ranked, specifically the terms are ‘search engine algorithm’. In fact, every search engine updates their algorithm to improve results faster than you update your website to get ranked higher.

The search engine ranking factors have evolved over the past years, rapidly, for example, social media presence was not an influence a few years ago, but these days it is a cutting edge factor.

So, you should be updated with these things that directly affects your website traffic or further business. Here are the top 10 search engine ranking factors that you must know:



Make sure that your website can be crawled easily by web crawlers. There shouldn’t be any error. To check crawlability, you can submit sitemap to Google, it makes easy to navigate webpages.


The keywords of your content should appear in the URL. URL should not be too long, make sure it contains 30-50 characters including keywords. Instead of using underscore (_), use hyphen (-) to separate words.


Keywords help crawlers to understand what your content is about, your keywords must match with your content title or the search terms. The keyword density in the content should also be good.


You should be aware of what content readers are looking for. Your content should have an appropriate and concise title, not longer than 60-70 characters. The content should be informative and clear for both the audience and search engines.


Relevant images should be included in your content with a proper balance or ratio. There should not be too many or too less images. Images induce an impression among the readers.

Internal Linking

Internal linking to your content helps search engine crawling the website pages. It is good when a balanced number of internal links are used for the reader’s perspective as well.

Meta Description

Here is a chance where you can get benefits by increasing the numbers of click through rate (CTR). Meta description lets readers take insights about what your webpage contains, keep it relevant. For Google, It shouldn’t be exceeding 156 characters, otherwise Google will cut it off and only a part would be visible to readers.

Site Speed

Website speed is a crucial part. Slower the page loading, it is more likely to hurt the ranking and lose the readers. Make sure your webpages are loading well.

User Experience

Search engine algorithm gets updates from the user experience. The timespan a visitor spends on your webpage is also a major factor. Keep your content captivating by using headings (H1 or H2) and bold keywords.

Social Engagement

Social engagement makes it easy to find your content relevant by the crawlers as well as users. You should keep social sharing buttons on the webpages so that the content can get shared by users and get liked by the more audience.

The Bottom Line

The undeniable fact is search engine algorithms learn from the experience; search engines crawl the website and find out the best and worst things that a webpage contains. They serve the users the most relevant webpage that is being looked for using some keywords. Do some work with your website and improve the visibility and ranking.

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