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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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10 Reasons to use Email Marketing

10-reasons-to-use-email-marketingOnline marketing has come a long way since the time it originated. We have entered the exciting world of social media and considering its popularity, clearly there’s no looking back.

One might think that email marketing is losing its charm among these shiny social networking sites. This is totally wrong. Email is still the most effective medium of online marketing. If you don’t agree with us, take a look at these points:



Reach Your Audience Effectively

Now when we talk about reach on social media, it’s the potential reach we assume by looking at the number of followers, but, there’s no guarantee that our message actually reaches the target audience because there are chances your posts might go unnoticed by a majority of people on social media.

With email though, you can be more assured that the message will reach your subscribers whether or not they choose to open it. With email though, you can be more assured that the message will reach your subscribers whether or not they choose to open it.

Email is Versatile

The marketing messages sent through email can reach high levels of complexity depending upon the crafter’s skills. You can easily apply a number of personalization tactics to their email. There are a number of innovative ways to utilize this service. You can segment your list into different groups to send targeted messages according to their actions or send them on some specific time.

Maximum Users

About 95% of internet users use the service of email and most of them check their account daily. Email has penetrated our lives so much that no other service can replace it.

It’s not Costly

Small business owners don’t have the money to market their brand on TV, radio or newspapers. Email marketing is an easy and effective way to reach a huge audience without having to spend much.

Email Lasts Longer

When you use social networking sites to convey your message the time period under which it is most probable to reach your target audience is just about an hour or two. After that, it is very little chance that your message will get noticed. This is not the case with email, here, the only way your message will disappear is when the recipient manually deletes it.

It is Easier to Track Sales

Measuring ROI is an extremely complicated process on social media. But email follows a standard set of metrics to track analytics like click rate, open rate, growth etc. which can easily be used to determine the monetary value of your subscribers.

Audience Preferences

According to research, about 77% of online consumers would rather receive promotional content via Email as compared to other channels.


Email marketing produces Return-on-Investment more than any other social platform does. Email marketing produces an average of $44.25 ROI for every $1 spent.

Email Coupons

People subscribe to store emails because they can save money using the email coupons. This tactic can be used effectively to reach out to people.

Access on Mobile Devices

People access their email account more through their mobile devices compared to other social accounts because of compatibility issues.

The Bottom Line

Email is an effective channel for establishing direct communication with your potential customers. Email marketing might be an old tactic, but it still remains to be a significant one.

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