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Thursday , July 18 2024

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3 Ways to Boost Engagement Using Cross-Platform Analytics

3-Ways-to-Boost-Engagement-Using-Cross-Platform-AnalyticsThe world has expected a radical shift in how the internet is accessed nowadays. The audience has undoubtedly shifted from desktop computers to mobile devices. Today the number of smartphone users is almost 1.5 billion. Furthermore, this number is expected to rise to 5 billion in the year 2020.

It is now crucial for the business to carefully monitor its online presence. Also to find ways to stay connected with the world always. A company must make efforts to drive customer retention, increase their engagement and boost conversation. And for this, you must know what the audience is visiting your web presence and who should be. Also, knowing the number of time people is spending on your website or mobile app. To give a bright idea of cross-platform analytics, here we have three ways. These will help you boost engagement through cross-platform analytics.

Target People, Not Devices

The number of people today is working with two or more devices every day to browse the internet. Also, measuring the activities of your customers based on device ID’s or cookies is not always a good idea to analyze visitors. In fact, the most powerful way to interact with the customer is to observe the visitor’s online behavior. Knowing in detail, the elements that grab the maximum attention will help you improvise and boost user engagement.

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Know your Audience

Another key to making your business productive online is to know what people are accessing your website or mobile app on a regular basis. The elements that count the most are- gender, age group, language, location, etc. Sometimes additional and detailed information such as education and interest levels, technologies and devices used to access your business, job roles are also helpful. Having complete knowledge about all these aspects can significantly help you in pitching the right product or service with the right audience and with appropriate capabilities.

Enhance Customer Experience

Timings is an essential factor when it comes to customer engagement. Each domain of the customer is active at a different time of the day. Also, a particular day of the week is also critical in deciding the activity and ROI of your efforts. Marketers thus should experiment with things in this regard. Posting updates in different time bands and observing what all audience is interested in things your business is offering is essential. Additionally, knowing the areas of the website in which people are showing maximum attention, interacting and spending most of the time lays greater importance to enhance their interest areas.

The Bottom Line

Using the right tools is critical to determine your online performance. Knowing more about the ways to interact and engage with your customers, can significantly increase results and accelerate towards success with a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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