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Friday , May 24 2024

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Broadcast Wear Making Smart T-shirts for your Wearable Collection

Broadcast-Wear-Making-Smart-T-shirts-for-your-Wearable-CollectionKeeping IoT aside, the most trending topic of the current era is Wearables. Since the year 2014, many wearables made it to the market and advancement in technology also saw to the expanding scope of producing more and more smart gears. We are talking about not only smart glasses but everything else that has propped up like fitness belts, smart shoes, and even smart rings. With such tremendous advancement, the wearable industry is expected to reach a worth of $19B till the year 2018. Broadcast Wear, a Hyderabad based startup has geared itself to take advantage of this rising trend.

Though the wearables have targeted most of the audience, their reach has been limited to a particular segment only. Broadcast Wear has taken a step to blend in the wearable technology into items of daily wear. The startup first took form in the year 2015 by the cumulative hard efforts of Mahalakshmi Nagubandi and Ayyappa Nagubandi. They intend to change the point of view by which wearable have been seen till now.

Their first significant achievement caused a stir in the market as never expected before. Their first product was a smart T-shirt, which had a programmable LED embedded that could respond to touch. The shirt acts as a screen to display animation or slogan or text using a connection established by a smartphone. To bring this fantastic product within the reach of ordinary people, they have initiated a crowdfunding on Indiegogo to raise $25K investment.They have been able to arrive at the majority part of the target. HYSEA Design Summit also recognized their product as an outstanding one and awarded them with the award of Best Gadget at the Summit.

Their initiative provides an edge to marketing, representative wearing this t-shirt can promote their brand. People with speaking disabilities can also use this t-shirt. They have a long way to go, but their idea is sure to take them to new heights of success.

Lessons to Learn

  • Observe the current trends of the market before trying to come up with an idea. It ‘s hard to make your impact with a product or service that the people are not looking.
  • Innovative ideas can cover a long distance for you. If you have an idea which has a potential to stand out, it will be easy to attract the attention of investors and public alike.
  • Project your idea where you think it can gain recognition, conferences, summits and exhibitions are a good place to let people know what you have on your mind.
  • Pitch your idea to gain investors. If you can partner up angel investors, it will provide enough means to you to get your business on a run. Similarly, crowdfunding campaigns are also excellent ways to gather the funding you require for your idea.
  • Play to your strengths. It is critical when it comes to a startup, if you think your idea is way too complicated to achieve on your own, it is better to drop it before it sinks into a loss.

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