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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Cuberoot Technology Takes a Wide Turn Towards Growth

Cuberoot-Technology-Takes-a-Wide-Turn-Towards-GrowthCuberoot Technologya private limited company deals with a data-driven technology. It has recently raised approximately $0.5 million from investors, whose information remains undisclosed. The company focusses on enhancing data management and media management by creating new efficiencies and outcome.

The amount raised by the corporation, is going to be invested for further expansion of technology.

The company was set-up in April 2015, Gurgaon by Nishith Srivastava, Atul Soni, and Sandip Kumar. Cuberoot Technology acts as a help program for the streamline enterprises who are unable to understand customers and their expectations.

Functioning is the Core

Beneficial illustration about the company is that it helps other companies of kind – brands, advertisers, agencies, publishers to develop the technique of growing with the available data. The tool works in a deliberate manner by compiling all data from the possible channels and later put its audience management algorithm to work. Also, it promises to show faster results regarding growth prospects.

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While we talk about data, there is surely an ounce of it available behind every establishment. There can be several campaigns that a company runs for the advertisement. They also do some off page marketing on a weekly or monthly target, but the implementation of strategy may not operate in the desired manner. In cases like these, Cuberoot collects the data and displays in front of the right customer to inculcate sales.

Proud Moment for the Organization

A part of the new fund would remain helpful when the company spreads its roots in Asia – Pacific market in coming 12-18 months. In conversation with the co-founder of Cuberoot Technologies, Atul Soni mentioned, “It is a proud moment for the entire organization. Even before the official product launch, our esteemed investors have shown utmost faith on us.  They have decided to invest taking the early mover advantage. The fund will be invested in expansion and further developments of our technology offerings.”

He also said, “We are moving towards our target at a high pace and have strategic plans to capture a substantial chunk of the digital advertising market by the end of the fiscal year 2016 – 2017, accelerating the growth up to 300%. At Cuberoot Technologies, we are diligently working towards creating the ground-breaking technological solution, ensuring that we maintain an edge in the industry and deliver disproportionate value to our advertisers and partners alike.”

Turning Point for the company

Sometimes, all that a company requires is funds and goals to serve the customers properly. Cuberoot Technology is a distinct place for data management and media management strategies and is looking forward to going ahead shortly too. Surely, the funds will make an ideal location to grow further as a company.

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