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Monday , June 24 2024

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HR management software product review- eToggler

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Do you work in the HR department of your company? Then you must be very well aware of the fact that creating a list of email during sourcing is not an easy task. The competition is on and the one who finishes first wins. There are several tools that help you to find out the emails.

However, they fail to put all the email contact into a usable format. eToggler comes to the rescue at such stage. With one of the best software for hr management eToggler, you can not only find emails but also view those in a structured format and export it so that you can view the list in offline mode. You can easily extract email of any LinkedIn user. LinkedIn has around 433 million active users, and it is one of the best platforms to extract email.

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Editions and Pricing

eToggler has four pricing plans and provides a free trial too.

Plan Monthly Price Monthly Feature (30 days validity) Quarterly Price [Save 15%] Quarterly Feature (90 days validity) Yearly Price [Save 30%] Monthly Feature (365 days validity)
Silver 29 USD
  • 600 Prospect Credit (PC)
  • 600 Email Credit (EC)
70 USD
  • 1800 PC
  • 1800 EC
244 USD
  • 7200 PC
  • 7200 EC
Gold [Most Popular] 59 USD
  • 1500 PC
  • 1500 EC
140 USD
  • 4500 PC
  • 4500 EC
496 USD
  • 18000 PC
  • 18000 EC
Diamond 99 USD
  • 6000 PC
  • 6000 EC
238 USD
  • 18000 PC
  • 18000 EC
831 USD
  • 72000 PC
  • 72000 EC
Platinum 149 USD
  • 10000 PC
  • 10000 EC
357 USD
  • 30000 PC
  • 30000 EC
1252 USD
  • 120000 PC
  • 12000 EC

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

product_review_etoggler_find_individual_emailFind Individual Email
With eToggler, you can find the email of a person of a company. You only need to add the first name, last name, and the company of the person whose email you want to find out. Autofill suggests the company name.

In case autofill does not suggest names, you can use the company domain to spot out the company.

product_review_etoggler_email_groupFind Group Email
There are cases when users have the need to find out multiple emails. In such cases, finding an email of individual people becomes a hectic task. But, you need not worry about it as eToggle has taken care of it already. All you need to do is upload a CSV file with all the names and company domains, and you will get the email ids of all the people.

product_review_etoggler_chrome_extensionChrome Extension
eToggler also has a Google Chrome extension. The extension functions similar to the site. In fact, it is more advanced than the site. In case you don’t know a person’s name, but you know only the name of the company, then you can just enter the company name and click on search. The extension will return all the people related to the company.


product_review_etoggler_prospect_listView Email from LinkedIn Profile
The tool works on LinkedIn site also. Once you login to LinkedIn and search for a person, you can see an eTaggler bar at the bottom of the window with options to add and view results. You can add the person directly from LinkedIn and view his email on eToggler prospect list.

product_review_etoggler_add_to_togglerProspect List
Every time you add a person to eToggler, the details of the person saves in the prospect list for future reference. It includes various details like name, company URL, location, email address and so on. This list is the complete list of all the people added to eToggler.

The users can even download the list in CSV format.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is a web tool and is not available as a mobile application. However, the users can still use it on their mobile browser.


The tool integrates with Google Chrome through its extension. Also, the tool integrates with linkedIn to provide its service.


For any support related to the tool, the users can send a message to the support team through their website. There are also several sets of FAQ’s that help the users to solve their basic queries.

Pros and Cons of eToggler


  • Easy to find the email of people.
  • Ability to export the list of people added.
  • Supports identification of multiple emails.


  • The tool provides information based on LinkedIn only and no other platform.


The ease to find the email with a chrome extension adds value to the tool. The tool also provides a feature to all the emails directly from LinkedIn.

For more details, please visit eToggler Website

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