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Saturday , March 2 2024

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Best HR management software product review- SuperCV

HR Tools Product Review-supercv

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The recruitment industry is a long run game both for companies and for job seekers. SuperCV a hr management software presents you a smart platform for this industry. It functions more than what its name suggests. Indeed, the tool is helpful for a person for formulating the best suitable resume.

Also, the platform is a job recruitment portal, which helps companies find a suitable candidate and aspirants to find their favorable jobs.

The focus of the app is its scientifically validated inventories and games, which is used to streamline the best talent in an individual. Based on these results, SuperCV identifies your strength out of the crowd. For companies, SuperCV presents the best-identified candidates. It showcases your talent while helping you get hired.

Editions and Pricing

Currently, the tool is free for the aspirants.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard is where you can find suitable jobs along with other details. You can track recommended companies based on your work preference i.e. results from personal assessment.



The core of the app, CV, you can maintain from here. You can provide your best achievements regarding the job. Moreover, SuperCV’s algorithm blends your scored results into your profile. The app allows you to export your CV, which makes it usable for both online and offline purpose.

The psychometrics-based algorithmic engine provides the numerous categories based questions. The candidate needs to answer these quick questions for an evident-based profile that speaks out your talent. This online assessment also helps you understand your strength and weaknesses.

product_review_supercv_career_supportCareer Support
SuperCV caters you a work interest inventory for guiding you for the best suitable career. Through this 5-10 minutes test, you will be able to explore your career opportunities. Thus, make the most use of your job preferences for a robust long-term profile.

Mobile Accessibility

At present, SuperCV does not come in the mobile version.


SuperCV does not provide integration with any other app.


There is a FAQ section for common queries. Moreover, you can connect with the team via email.

Pros and Cons of SuperCV


  • The user can add suitable jobs to ‘favorite.’
  • Queue option leads to automatic apply.
  • It shows a fair profile strength scale.


  • Integration with any professional app could have been better.
  • No clear instructions about the tests.
  • It does not show the question number.
  • No decent option for navigating to the previous page.


SuperCV provides a unique job searching and recruitment tool made to highlight strengths of a person ensuring the best suitable job. It helps you get hired based on your talent.

For more details, please visit SuperCV website.

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