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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Best email tools product review – Findo

Technology-tools-product-review-findoSearching documents can be tiresome and irritating when you need to access an individual file at a particular point of time immediately. It becomes a lot more difficult if the list of documents is a long one and the number of accounts are many.

Findo is one of the best email tool for small business that can help you through this task by searching and locating files across the online accounts and in the format specified by you. The tool is incredibly simple to understand and use and is also available on the mobile devices for the iOS platforms.


Editions and Pricing

Findo is currently in Beta version and therefore will share details about the pricing and editions shortly.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Findo-DashboardThe Findo Dashboard
The dashboard of the tool gives an easy and quick access to all the accounts and documents that you wish to search across. Files are searched by file types across all the accounts you have linked to the application.


Findo-AddDataStoreAdd Data Stores
With Findo, you can add many data stores just by authenticating yourself. Findo supports integrations with almost all the famous and popular data stores such as Gmail, OneDrive, Yahoo Mail, Exchange, etc.


Fundo-InstantAccessToTheFilesInstant Access to the Files
Findo helps you find any file on any account. All you need to do is to select the category from the left panel, and this will show all the documents of that specified format stored across all the accounts.



Findo-TheSearchOptionThe Search Option
Other than the facility to search from the left panel by the file types, Findo also allows you to search documents manually by typing the filenames with containing folder. And to assist that, whenever a user logs in the account, he or she is provided with some of the search examples that can help in searching the files across his or her account.


Findo-SortFilesSort Files From the List
Sorting can help a lot when you have a long list of records, and you wish to search one file amongst them. It becomes a lot difficult finding files browsing manually through the list. To help users in such cases, Findo can assist in sorting the data amongst the list and makes it easy and quick to find documents that are in urgent need. The files are sorted according to relevance and date.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool can be used on iOS platforms. The iOS application can be downloaded from the Apple app store.


Being a search engine tool, the tool integrates with online data stores such as

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • OneDrive
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Exchange
  • Google Drive, and Dropbox


The application has a dedicated Help and support section which has a set of FAQ’s that may help its users. It also guides its users about the search options and how to use them. The tool also has an online live chat support for its users to help them for any issues they face using the product.

Pros and Cons of Findo


  • A quick solution to find files online through many data stores
  • Straightforward and easy to understand and use.
  • Some filters allow finding files in no time.


  • A chat option to communicate right inside the document repository with the contributors of the records could have added more value to the product.

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  • Integrating almost all data stores.
  • A quick search and sort options make it easy to locate files across accounts.
  • Easy to use and understand its functionalities.
  • The mobile app can help a lot when the user is on the go.

For more details, please visit Findo website.

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