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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Top Marketing and Sales Tools Product Review- Tubular

Marketing-And-Sales-Tools-Product-review-tubularTubular which is one of the top marketing & sales tools for small business provides an easier solution to manage pipeline for your team. It allows you to change the status of a deal with just a single click. You can allocate tasks to yourself or some other member of the team. The app allows your whole team to work together and stay up to date with the sales leads to progress and minimize the need for internal emails.

Tubular provides some easy to use filters to organize your team’s pipelines. You can find out what’s closing and what’s not closing this quarter. Your team members can have a transparent view of everything that’s happening. You can create private deals if you want to protect sensitive information. You can also share stages of the deal with someone outside your organization and keep them updated.

Editions and Pricing

You can create up to 10 pipelines for free but after that, you will need to upgrade your account. It will then cost your $9 per user per month.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Tubular_CustomizeLabelsCustomize Stage Labels
You can customize the pipelines according to the needs of your organization. It has five customizable stage labels, upside, forecast, commit, booked and closed.




Tubular_PowerfulFiltersPowerful Filters
You can have a clear v of whatever you need in a single click of a filter. You can filter by one of the five customizable labels or by quarter.



Tubular_TaskManagementTask Management
You can assign tasks to yourself and other members of the team. You can effectively manage the team using the task management feature.




 Tubular_ContactsOne Place for All
Using tubular, you can easily manage your leads, organizations, and contacts from a single place. Your team will be able to see all the information about a contact because your contacts and leads are also important besides your sales pipelines.


The feature displays all the tasks performed sequentially in the form of a timeline. The timeline can be filtered by deals, contacts or to-dos.





You can easily view reports for team members or deal stages. These reports can easily be exported to a CSV file.


Mobile Accessibility

Tubular will be offering fully native apps for Android and iOS. So, if you perform any task on one device, it will be immediately reflected in all of the other devices in a matter of seconds. So, your team can be in sync by receiving real-time notifications on the go, will use fewer emails and be more productive.


Tubular can integrate with your Google Apps and Slack.

Pros and Cons of Tubular


  • Provides the easiest solution to track your sales pipeline.
  • Reduces the need for exchanging emails, hence, increases the team’s productivity.
  • Provides powerful filters to give a clearer view of whatever you require.
  • Ability to generate reports.


  • Tubular does not yet provide iOS or Android apps but they are soon to be reseased.

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Tubular provides a simpler and quicker solution for sales pipeline management. It allows you to keep everyone in your team updated with the latest information and saves your team’s precious time.

For more details, please visit Tubular website.

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