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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Endless Robotics Spreading Colors as They Grow

Endless-Robotics-Spreading-Colors-as-They-GrowWhen it was said that robots would be our next slaves, working in our homes and offices, that vision is assumed to be coming true. A team of 5 engineers from the campus of BITS Pilani and IIT Hyderabad started working on a project that added revenue by coloring.

Endless Robotics is a Hyderabad based startup that develops products for automated painting in the real estate and construction industries. The company is immovably climbing the ladder of growth and recently raised USD 100,000 in pre-series funding from the top investor in the market.

With consistent growth, the company gained participation from individual investors and angel investment firms from the US, India, and Singapore.

The company started in the year 2015 in Hyderabad is a commercial robotics startup that works on an array of automated products for decorative painting in the real estate development space, with the aim to resolve the lack of innovation in the painting industry.

The founders claim that the painting robots works 30 times faster than handheld brush painting. The product uses highly efficient spray mechanisms with much more precision, intelligence and consistency. The company plans to target small and middle-level residential projects in Hyderabad initially to gain momentum and recognition.

Founders- Akhil Varma, Nitesh Boyina, Puneeth Bandikatla and Srikar Reddy is a team of highly motivated people who plans to invest all their funds integrating products into services, strengthening the team by training and integrating professionals, to increase adoption among customers.

The company makes it best to offer an end-to-end service combining the productivity of modern robotics with the efficiency of spray technology with high skills transforming the traditional painting methods.

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The Bottom Line

The Solution uses advanced technology and techniques to offer unprecedented consistency, affordability, speed and quality to the customer making robots a part of the real world and stand with us in everyday life. The founders have the vision to change the working process in real estate development and decoration with a solution that is safe, quick, efficient, affordable and delivers high quality to the customer.

With the Total Addressable Market of painting job of 3.6 Billion USD, the founders observed that the key market lies in Tie 1 and major Tie 2 cities which are estimated to be 1.2 Billion USD. With all these facts and figures, the company targets initially in the city of Hyderabad and is expected to spread its boundaries across other places as they experience growth with more satisfied and happy customers.

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