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Monday , June 24 2024

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Best Email Tools Product Review – Turing Email

Email-Tools-Product-review-Turing-EmailTraditional emails have been formal with basic functionalities, making reporting a tedious work. In present era using modern weapons will let anyone survive in technology world. Then why stagnant emails? Look out for Turing Email one of the best email tool, a modern framework with advance features to interact via emails.

Its powerful interface displays conversations like instant message threads with better and faster communication. Its quick loaded tools make it efficient and easier to manage, providing an uninterrupted and modern workday experience.


Editions and Pricing

Pro Cloud ($34.99) Sales Cloud ($49.99/month)
  • Email snooze and send later
  • Email scheduling and unsend
  • Team chats  + Channels
  • Pro features +
  • Email tracking + Analytics
  • Mail Merge + Campaigns
  • Salesforce integration

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Turing_Email_Email_ TrackingEmail Tracking
This feature allows a user to check who has read the sent email. Every single email can be tracked for a clear and secure follow up with existing contacts by options like how many times the recipient accessed the email, at what time, what action the user would like to take either a call or set up a task. All tracked conversations could be seen under a single view.



Turing_Email_Email_SchedulingEmail Scheduling
It allows the user to compose the message now, but it can be sent after at a specific time and date. Later these mails can be reviewed and edited for further use.



User can set a time period for the reminder, which will let him remind about the email if no appropriate action has been taken on it.




Turing_Email_Inbox_CleanerInbox Cleaner
The cleaner analyses the messages in the inbox and sort them accordingly so as to archive them in similar groups. This process of removal of unnecessary emails is performed without the mess.



Turing_Email_Subscriber_ListNewsletter Lists
Management of overloaded inbox with unwanted email was never so effortless. Turing Email allows the user to have a single list of subscribed links that can be managed easily and are able to unsubscribe with a click.




Turing_Email_mail_mergeMail Merge
It allows to send the email to hundreds of people with variable data for each giving a personalized touch.




Turing_Email_Tracking_Analytics_and_notificationTracking Analytics and Notification
It shows the full analytics report on which emails and mail merges are opened most and which are not working, compare activities like how many has been opened, read, clicked, replied. The custom templates for consistent communication are also analyzed to determine how many views the mail got and which are not working.
The user will receive notice about the email sent when a contact opened or interacted with the email.


Turing_email_client_sidebarClient Sidebar
Displays the one-to-one email history with immediate access to social platforms and communication statistics unlike other email software lacking in these functionalities.


Mobile Accessibility

The app can be accessed on the web as well as on a mobile platform.


Salesforce integration allows the user to know the communication history with an individual, copy emails into Salesforce. The user can share tasks here and also can change the status of prospect. Including integration with Salesforce, the app also provides integration with popular apps like Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL.


Turing Emails provide support to customers through email.

Pros and Cons of Turing Email


  • Tracking and Analytics of emails.
  •  Engagement of social media platforms.
  •  Manageable mails through reminders.
  •  Clean and precise collection of information in the inbox.


  • Free trial with credit card required.
  •  Does not work seamlessly in Firefox.

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An easy accessible tool loaded with features which makes the email network a flexible interaction. With email becoming a daily time consuming task, a more efficient way to deliver communication throughout the world would be accomplished by Turing Email.

For more details, please visit Turing Email website.

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