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Friday , April 12 2024

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Free Usage of the Internet Through Adstuck

Free-usage-of-the-internet-through-AdstuckAdstuck is a technology company, based in Gurgaon, which is working in the area of internet usage using the reverse data platform. Usage of the internet is increasing at a fast rate in the world. All the network companies are making money in return of providing network services to the users in every region.

With more access of the internet, the telecoms also time to time, updates the cost of accessing it. What if the user doesn’t have to pay for the internet services? This is the point where from the journey started of Adstuck.



Founded by Abhishek Shankar, Kundan Kumar, and Ritesh Malik, Adstuck wants to serve two – thirds of the world with free internet access and connectivity. Why? After estimating some major aspects of the internet and its users in the world, they got stuck with this idea.

There are 350 Million smartphone users out of which only 80 Million of them were active subscribers of a 3G connection because of the expensive data plans by the telecoms. Another estimation says, Out of around 7.1 Billion people worldwide, there are still 4.2 Billion non-Internet users, mainly in developing markets. It is anticipated that some 500 Million to 900 Million more individuals will gain access to the Internet by 2017. Still not sure about its complete use. Day after day an active internet user is paying as much amount demanded by the service provider. The usability should be recycled with less money invested. Also, the business firms are spending a lot of money on advertisements, but unable to attract visitors. Adstuck team considers the bandwidth system of networks as deficient in proper use.

To overcome all these situations Adstuck discovered a technology of reverse data theory. What is the concept behind, the internet can be accessed without paying again and again by the user. The software companies repay the data to the customers those use their apps. This will keep retention of users on their website and also engage more customers. Adstuck doesn’t want telecoms to reduce the cost of data, neither wants tax from the masses. They seek to bridge the gap between internet users and data providers using the reverse data platform.

How it Works

The company will reimburse the data to the user which he or she can utilize to surf internet or anything. Companies will reward the data to the users those downloaded their apps or browse across their website. These companies are in partnership with the Adstuck. Adstuck itself has over 20 apps of own and in partnership with 100 more apps. On the other hand the companies will get their business by reducing the cost for the users by 1/3rd and letting them use the app by 4 times the normal access over Google or Facebook. Advertisement posted by the brands on the web will gain visitors when the user associated with their app or website will watch those ads.

Adstuck Network

Their list of competitors includes Jana and Planet GoGo. What differentiates them is their role in the sector. While the other companies focus on a specific segment, Adstuck is open to all the telecoms. Also it is planned to reach the same through mobile desktop browsers. The startup has tied up with 900 brands globally which include Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, and OLX, among 150 others. Adstuck has tied up with 548 telecom companies all over the world.

Adstuck’s retention is high as 60%. They have also distributed 150 million MB of data to 3.8 million users through their own and 3rd party apps and sites. Every day over 20k users who can’t afford internet start getting access to their favorite sites and apps. The startup has a monthly active user base of 1.75 Million users and aims to reach over 1 Billion people in 29 countries by 2020. Additionally, it has also opened business offices in the Bay Area and Singapore.

Future Goals

The opportunities are vast since the network market is ‘not ending’. Everyone will go for a network, either 2G or 3G that means they would want data which is the fundamental idea of Adstuck. Like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring more and more people online in upcoming months. Adstuck wants the same, but with a different approach. Seeing everyone using free internet with the ease is their purpose.

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