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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Internet of Things changing lives

Internet-of-Things-changing-LivesInternet of things include all those objects which can be assigned an IP address and can connect to each other to transfer data. Internet of things can be anything- a farm animal implanted with a biochip, a highly advanced sensor in your car to inform you about the critical air pressure in your car tire, a fire sensor in your office or home or a sound sensor to alert you when your baby cries in sleep. Gartner says there will be 50 billion devices on the Internet of Things by 2020.

Internet of Things has been affecting our lives in a wide variety of jobs- from the building and home automation, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart wearables, healthcare to automotive.

With a huge address space provided by IPv6, Internet of things will surely and quickly revolutionize everyday life as IPV6 has the capability to address every atom on Earth and still have enough address space left to do with another 100+ piles of earth.

So how will IoT change your lifestyle?

Internet of Things can easily be implemented right at your own homes. Intrusion Human Machine (HMI) are keypads which act as a central user interface for the user to control your home security system. A multi-functional and user-friendly keypad will easily connect to your other home appliances as well such as cleaners, air conditioners, television or lighting system.

Sophisticated temperature controls for residential and commercial areas will sense the room temperature and monitor heat flow. The expert machines will greatly benefit by measuring accuracy and will minimize energy consumption saving power.

What if the lights changes in a dance club with the change in music beats or as the dancers changes their steps. Yes, Internet of things can do this for you by sensing music beats or using highly advanced motion sensors. Even it can change the home lighting to Red for the guests if the host is not in a good mood.

Internet of Things making your City Smart

Many companies are now developing products to make cities smart. Things that will reduce cost and resource consumption for city lighting, surveillance, centralized and integrated system control and more.

Internet of Things will help make your city a smart one, having capabilities such as smart residential e-meters for resources that homes and other buildings consume, smart street lights having dimming and brightening capabilities depending on the conditions saving power in the best way. Other things that can make your city smart are- surveillance cameras, Gas or water leakage detection in the pipelines, etc.

Healthcare revolutionized by Internet of Things

Many firms are now shaping technology to improve the quality and accessibility of digital products that are changing medical treatments. Highly advanced tools for Heart Rate Monitor, Respiration Rate Measurement, Powerful ECG machines, intelligent surgical arms, etc. are developed for quick and accurate diagnosis.

Automotive Technology Empowered by IoT

Internet of Things is greatly affecting the Automotive Industry making cars and other vehicles smarter. You can now control the gears with just a button, connect to your phone and make a call, detect tire pressure, control temperature, change music, automatically lock doors, set security alarms or use back cameras for perfect parking.

The Bottom Line

Internet of Things is, therefore, everything digital around you. This technology is making life easier with smart machines in almost every sphere of life. It is expected that in the exploding IoT, users, clouds services and things will connect using the internet enabling new use cases and fresh business models across multiple markets and applications.

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