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Monday , May 27 2024

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Obstacles In The Path of IoT Startups

Obstacles-In-The-Path-Of-IoT-StartupsEnthralled by the success of industry giants like Google, IBM, and Apple in Internet of things….??? Well, who isn’t..!!! Mostly every IT geek these days think about implementing it in their project. Others are planning for an IoT startup. And why won’t they…??? After all, it is the future of IT industry. But like every other new venture it also has many challenges. And for startups the problem becomes acute. So, today we will focus on the challenges faced by “The IoT Startups.”

Before we talk about the problems let’s just discuss what does IoT mean. IoT or Internet of Things is an interconnection of computing devices, mechanical and digital machines. It also is a connection to objects, animals, and people possessing IP addresses to transfer data over the internet. Iot is anything that can transfer data over the network. It can be a car with a sensor that informs the driver about the low pressure of the tire. Or, it can be an animal with biochip transponder. Anything that is capable of transmitting data over the network autonomously is termed as IoT.

Now let’s talk about the challenges faced by the IoT startups. As we all know anything that is new, and different face challenges because people are not ready to accept change. Likewise, startups also have many problems to face like funding, working capital, recruitment and much more. But talking about IoT startups, there are particular issues that needs guidance. Three of the critical challenges of IoT are discussed below.

Inexperienced Team

IoT is a composition of various hardware and software technologies. It helps to connect different devices and system using cloud technology. In this highly complex system protocol, compliance is a must. A little negligence can cause massive damage to the process. Its recovery can create a financial burden on the company. Thus to manage such a system highly qualified team is required. The team must consist of highly skilled professionals who knows how to correctly handle the system. Every member of the team must know all the ins and outs of the system. And finding such a qualified team is a huge problem.

Connectivity Problem

Connectivity is the lifeline for IoT systems. Without connectivity, IoT systems are of no use. And in developing countries like India weak internet infrastructure is an obstacle. Lack of power supply also poses a huge problem. It’s impossible for any startup to overcome this internet and power supply problem single-handedly. Thus, providing uninterrupted IoT services is a big problem for the startups.

Data Integrity

A cloud is a virtual data center. It stores large volumes of data shared by various interconnected devices. For a limited budget startup, on cloud data protection and maintenance is a big challenge. On the other hand plethora of automated integrated devices, lends help to hackers. They can easily get into the system and infect it. This risk cannot be taken and data integrity cannot be compromised. For that regular up gradations are required which is a problem for startups.

The Bottom Line

An entrepreneur is a person who doesn’t hesitate to take the risk. Success encircles those who are ready to face any challenge and cross every hurdle that comes their way. One can turn the situation in their favor by proper planning, and analysis of organizational capabilities and weaknesses. Thereby finding countermeasures for the problem and dealing with the crisis situation.  Proper training of the staff and continual up gradation can be helpful for the success of IoT startups. So, in the end, we can say, never be afraid of the challenges find ways to overcome it.

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