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Friday , April 19 2024

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Silvan Solutions Making our World Smarter to Live In

Silvan-Solutions-making-our-World-Smarter-to-live-inThe main motive behind the emergence of Silvan was to offer solutions to builders, homeowners, and liaise with our partners, architects and design consultants. The idea of the project Silvan sparked in 2008 in the midst of the economic meltdown. It was then that the founders realized that one thing would never change, i.e. the need to remain secure, despite of the financial downturn.

The Silvan founders initiated the company with the view to make people’s life secure and safer. The operations were kick-started in Bangalore, with simple but, effective solution- the Internet Protocol (IP) cameras with built-in intelligence. Silvan expanded its scope by entering into the sphere of home automation based on contemporary technologies such as IoT and Cloud Technologies, as the business started to take its own shape.

Apparently appearing access to the home automation system from the smart phone was first on the list of priorities for the Silvan founders. They were eager to create a generation of new-age automation, where smart phones could be used to control all the devices and appliances in a home. The focus was also on being a complete solution company, rather than being just a ‘product company’. The object of the company is simple- to cope up with the evolving Indian lifestyle, which now demands a fresh approach, wherein a modern and traditional way of lifestyle can co-exist.

The solutions from Silvan for home automation have been welcomed by several big players in the field of housing such as – Sobha Brigade, Nambiar Builders, Total Environment, Tata Housing, and Lodha, to name a few.

The company is now looking to expand its boundaries into other geographies, inspired by the magnitude of success the firm has achieved. They are also working on new products that would increase its footprint amongst customers.

The Smart Home Solution

Silvan is into some of the excellent technologies to make your home a smarter place to live in. With intelligent technologies for entrance management equipped with smart cameras, mic and speakers, you can interact with anyone at the doorstep and even can let them in without coming to it. Silvan systems also works best with the home security. These gadgets can guard your home anytime you are not at home. Whenever they detect an unauthorized entrance, the security system turns on lights, raises an alarm and also sends you an email, an SMS or a pre-recorded phone message. Not only security, Silvan has also solutions to make your lifestyle a little sophisticated. Now you can control your curtains, AC’s, lights, music systems, geysers or even garden sprinklers.

The Quickfit Solution

These solutions for the smart homes are one of the best ones to offer from Silvan. Products such as CBELL and SECURE are the new age wireless security system that keeps your home secure for you when no one is in there. These gadgets connects you to your doorsteps through smartphones no matter where you are in the world. They can record calls, take pictures or record videos on demand. These devices are also made motion sensitive and can detect motion even near the entrance door. The gadgets are easy to install and use.

Smart Community

This excellent system from Silvan offers a firm security for your community or a building as a whole. The security system is web based working on the Internet and cloud, and ultimately, does not require a physical setup. This solution provides an actionable intelligence to the security. The system allows viewing through relevant surveillance cameras across the property. The system only provides limited information to the guard protecting the owner’s privacy.

Custom Solutions

Silvan has also worked on automation and security systems concerning with places such as Hotels, Conference halls, Schools, Banks and ATM’s. These custom solutions are dedicated to offer top-notch technologies to control your AC’s, curtains, lights, security in the banks, at the ATM’s, as well as empowering security at schools, which are considered as soft targets presently.

The Bottom Line

With an objective of making your lifestyle easier and more secure, Silvan is making best efforts in the direction of technology. The high-end products and gadgets are aimed to offer heavy security as well as automation of homes and workplaces.

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