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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Smart Tools Vendor Sevenhugs

Smart-Tools-Vendor-SevenhugsFor better smart home integrations, Sevenhugs closed a Series-A funding of $14.6 million. Xerys led the funding round. After developing a sleep tracker, hugOne; Sevenhugs is now completing the creation of a universal smart remote.

The remote will allow the user to control all home devices by pointing them. Nowadays, every device is smart, be it a small or a big one from coffeemaker to Air Conditioners. The remote is enabling such smart devices to connect with each other.

It has the capacity to dim lights with Philips Hue. It can set room temperature through Nest thermostat, and even can control TV by just pointing the remote towards it. SevenHugs’ smart tracker too integrates with these devices to offer a smooth sleep experience.

CEO of Sevenhugs -Simon Tchedikian says that there are several applications for smartphones that provide a person to control the Television, but there is nothing that uses smartphones to control TVs. The mobile devices are either dead or charging, and in-between time, the apps present on the device work. There are numerous of tasks from notifications post to updating. It consumes a lot of time of the user, making him go crazy. To operate other devices browsing through the existing mobile apps and navigating on it is a hassle task to conquer users’ choice. Sevenhugs is making a novel and active approach to integrate smart devices better.

The firm has desires and initiations to make different ecosystems devices interacting with each other for a quick talk. The company is establishing partnerships by launching its branch in the United States. They are targeting close connection with giant tech companies like Alphabet and Microsoft. They opened a latest new office in San Francisco. Their new funding amount will be using for the brand awareness.

The Bottom Line

According to the CEO, the home will be smart home when people do not have to see systems and their operations. The devices people use must be capable of operating themselves and making self-decisions based on user’s habits, that too without their instructions. Then will the smart technology work.

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