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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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SmartVizX- Window to Future

SmartVizX- Window-to-future“It is not that we use technology, we live technology” – Godfrey Reggio (American Director).

Technology becomes a common name in our daily work. There is nothing untouched by technology at least once. In addition to the above quote Virtual Reality can be said as the best example of living technology. Imagine, sitting at one place and taking tours of places, not television, more than that. It’s a 3D view, with immersive technology. Utilizing this technology a Noida based company SmartVizX is accomplishing its goals with creativity in India.

The company has come up taking Virtual Reality as the primary platform for its work to target the business and its customers, helping them in decision making. SmartVizX works for real estate and other companies in diverse markets to help them out for futuristic business goals.


Realizing the day to day task of decision making they shifted the decision-making process on an innovative, immersive table for better engaging and flawless experience, the company was founded in February 2015 by a husband- wife duo Gautam Tewari and Tithi Tewari.

Gautam Tewari is an architect with a master’s degree in Project Management from UNSW, Australia. Tithi Tewari holds a Bachelor of Architecture from CEPT Ahmedabad, certified in business and leadership from HBS and INSEAD. Both are true entrepreneur spirited people who are combining architecture and technology of gaming together to execute virtualizing solutions.


In not so much time, they are able to mark their work for Rockworth and HNI Corp.(Bangkok), the US’s second-largest office furniture manufacturer, Quicker, PNB Metlife, in the business products by providing the environment of Virtual Reality to explore their product’s world.

SmartVizX has a 14 member team of game developer contributing by emerging VR for customer services. The team invented VR tools such as — Archviz for architectural visualization, Viviz for virtually immersive visualization and Codew for collaborative design.

Future Endeavors

Virtual Reality is implementing features which one could think of, with the difference is it’s not yet built, only imagined. As per Tithi, “VR might be as intrinsic a part of our lives as the mobile phone. While it is still seen primarily as a gaming technology, once mainstream, this could potentially turn into a virtual selling tool in every industry – from aircraft to refrigerators.”

SmartVizX is going to expand R & D and will soon launch a new Bengaluru center. They are planning to build a VR-backed platform, helping people use the technology as and when they need it. Since the VR is boundless, so are the opportunities. They even think about a Virtual Reality based city, the time when cities can be built using VR.

The Bottom Line

Extending the limits of their work “We want to master VR as a technology and not limit it to just architecture or any one industry,” says Gautam Tewari. They are also planning to explore and innovate some more ways of virtualization solutions to involve more engagement of immersive technology.

That seems interesting and sounds good, after all, it’s all up to the technology and the creators to fine tune it with the technical wind. With such forceful innovations, the time is not far when in the present situation we would be able to see the futuristic imagination with Virtual Reality power.

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