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Friday , April 19 2024

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SpectraVR- The First VR Storyteller

SpectraVR- the- First-VR-StorytellerVirtual Reality is a trending technology nowadays, and so many companies are leaning towards its emerging benefits. SpectraVR as per its name suggests a Virtual Reality (VR) tech firm based in Mumbai.

The startup has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in the seed round led by US capital ventures, Rothenburg Ventures.

First of its kind in India, the venture is creating VR stuff beyond expectations. They are expertise in 360-degree video creation in VR. They are a digital storyteller. This combination of tech and team delivers coverage of events, sports, travel, and music.

Sushant Baliga is the founder of SpectraVR and believes that they are using high-tech equipment to generate immersive technology environment for the viewers. Behind this ultimate imagery outcome, they build a novel film platform composing aerial shots and filmmaking tools. They produce and present creative VR content in an entertaining way using fun and immersive.

SpectraVR is the first media production in VR technology and has a presence in two major Indian cities – Mumbai and Bengaluru. The startup is planning to utilize the funds in their product development whereby VR-based games for brands, travel experiences, movies, and short –format content creation will take place. Looking forward to offering cost effectiveness for users, they soon will make customers experiencing VR through the smartphones.

The Bottom Line

Reports state that by 2020, the Virtual Reality market will touch $150 billion value. The VR market has broad scope in areas such as games, content, hardware, software, films and other sectors. Moreover, the competition is getting tougher as other VR startups in India increasing their potential in this technology. Amongst them some are – Meraki, SmartVizX, and Tesseract Inc. Recently, SmartVizX raised funds led by IAN and SA&E.

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